Earlier this month during the CNN town hall, former President Donald Trump was asked what he would do first once back in the White House to stem the tide of inflation ravaging American families’ finances.

He immediately replied, “Drill, baby, drill,” implying that he would reopen America’s energy spigots and flood the world market with cheap oil. This would cause a chain reaction of lowering the costs of goods and services across the board.

In his announcement for presidency, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis telegraphed a similar message of hope to struggling Americans that conditions would immediately get better when he took office. He cited the precise moment of change as “January 20, 2025 at 12 noon,” presumably when he would take the oath of office.

In my mind, whether you prefer either Mr. Trump or Mr. DeSantis, aren’t they both telegraphing the same message to the struggling American people? Isn’t the message that this long national nightmare will eventually sunset and all we need to do is “survive ’til ’25”?

If anyone asks me who I’m pulling for in this potentially epic GOP primary, I will respond it’s not who, but what. I’m pulling for a Trump-DeSantis “Survive ’Til ‘25” ticket because I believe it’s going to take a minimum of 12 years to reverse the damage of the treasonous Biden administration.

Given that Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist and a sexual predator in a nationally televised debate and went on to “kiss and make up” with him, I’ll always hold out hope for the Dream Team Trump-DeSantis 2024 ticket.


Medford, New York

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