The threat posed by China is being mischaracterized as unauthorized surveillance, intellectual property theft and the like.

Yet the real threat is far subtler and more dangerous. Our country is deeply divided, inflation is high, burdensome regulations are crippling our energy industry, crime is soaring and our borders are being overrun. We abandoned allies and our own people in Afghanistan, we are corrupting our educational system with programs such as the 1619 Project, and our children are falling behind. 

If these trends continue, eventually the U.S. will become a minor actor and China will replace us on the world stage. It won’t even have to do anything. Once we destroy ourselves, the Chinese can simply step in and pick up the mantle of leadership.

I am reminded of the famous line from a letter written by Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry during the War of 1812: “We have met the enemy and they are ours.” 


McLean, Virginia

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