Monday, September 13, 2021


It is my honor to address this event.

The Iranian people’s aspiration for freedom, democracy and respect for fundamental human rights and liberties has and will continue to have the full solidarity and support of the democratic party of Albania and myself.

The recurring act of unprovoked aggression and violence by the Iranian government against its own people, against its neighbors, and against the global community of nations have hurt countless life of Iranians and other citizens, in the region and around the world.

From torture and murder to the violent suppression of political manifestations, to harboring, aiding, and launching terrorist organizations, the Iranian regime has proven that it is willing to break the most essential norms of international order at the cost of innocent life and regional stability.

Today’s event, however, confirms that in the face of such malignant adversity the international community’s resolve to counter these threats, is not weakened, but only strengthened.

The democratic party of Albania has a clear and outspoken position. We stand firmly against the Iranian regime attempts to illegal and terrorist practices on our soil and to its structured enterprise to export fundamentalism to Albania and to our region.

We support the Iranian people and their goal for a democratic and non-nuclear Iran. We support the Iranian people desire for change and commend Madam Rajavi and her efforts to offer the people of Iran the perspective of a free, secular, and democratic country.

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