Monday, September 13, 2021


Many of you escaped totalitarian and autocratic rule, intolerance and injustice. You left behind an authoritarian and lawless theocracy, a sponsor and supporter of terrorism, a denier of basic human rights, a misogynistic collection of male rulers.

But there is hope for Iran, for its citizens, and for all of humanity. And that hope rests squarely and centrally with all of you: the resistance. You are a force, a vocal force for change. You have accomplished so much, through House Resolution 118, a bipartisan resolution by the U.S. Congress, condemning Iran and embracing Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan. Through you and your colleagues, and the boycott of Iran’s recent elections, you have shown the world that the election of Raisi was a sham and a fraud. Raisi was not elected by the Iranian people. He was selected by the religious autocrats and cronies.

A democratic, secular, and non-nuclear Iran may sometimes seem an unattainable dream, but it’s not. Thanks to your resistance and your persistence, it is more hopeful and possible than ever.

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