Monday, September 13, 2021


I’m honored to join you today to support all of those who stand for a free and democratic Iran. The current regime in Iran, as you all know, is not simply sustainable nor an effective option for the Iranian people.

Safety and protections are the fundamental service a government should provide to its citizens, but the Ayatollah and his enablers continue to deny the Iranian people basic political, religious, or social freedoms including the basic right to life itself.

Iranian authorities conduct unimaginable horrors especially against those who dared to speak the truth. These abuses have to stop.

This is not happening in Iran today. By stifling dissident and holding these sham elections, the Iranian governments revealing the truth: it’s deeply afraid of its own people and the power of ordinary citizens have when allowed to speak up to demand a different future

I truly believe it’s possible to achieve a better free government in Iran. I believe we have to continue to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its abuses at home and its aggressive actions around the world. And I’ll continue to urge President Biden to take this approach as well.. You can be sure that I’ll continue to call across the US government to advance these principles.

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