- - Monday, September 13, 2021

It’s an honor to join you as a champion of a democratic and free Iran.

The recent sham election underscores the need for change. The declared winner and new president of Iran has been involved in interrogation, murder, torture and issuing death sentences for democratic activists and opponents for years.

The Ayatollahs installed him because they know their regime is weak and vulnerable. They can hear the calls for freedom grow louder and louder.

They need to crush any dissent which threatens their rule. We have to side with the Iranian people in their struggle. Your movement has been instrumental in leading and organizing protests. Sanctions should not be lifted and negotiations with state sponsors of terrorism should always be avoided.

The Obama and Biden administrations’ approach of engaging and appeasing this regime is wrong and misguided.

My colleagues in Congress and I support your cause for a free and democratic republic in Iran that respects human rights and international laws. That’s what the people of Iran want and deserve. That’s why I’m proud to support you.

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