- The Washington Times
Wednesday, May 26, 2021

An administrator at Brandeis University declared “all White people are racist” and that she “hates Whiteness” in a defense of critical race theory on Saturday.

Kate Slater, an assistant dean of graduate student affairs at the private Massachusetts university and a self-described “White anti-racist educator,” faced criticism on social media after she posted a message on Instagram defending critical race theory, which teaches that America’s institutions are inherently racist.

“‘Debates’ about critical race theory are often straw men for debates about whether or not systemic racism is real,” she wrote. “And no number of statistics or facts that I could offer up are going to convince people to ‘see’ systemic racism if they don’t want to.”

“Yes, all White people are racist in that all White people have been conditioned in a society where one’s racial identity determines life experiences/outcomes and Whiteness is the norm and the default. That includes me!” she continued. 

“I don’t hate White people — I hate Whiteness,” she added. “CRT does not create oppression: It names oppression that already exists.”

Ms. Slater’s comments faced blowback from conservatives after they were circulated on Twitter.

Critical race theory (CRT), which has long been discussed in higher academia, is a justice movement making its way into public schools since the murder of George Floyd, a Black man who died in police custody last year. Republicans across the country who argue CRT is racist have taken steps to ban it from being mandated in public schools at the local level.

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