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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


A rather astonishing scenario has unfolded in Washington, D.C., with soldiers in the streets, armed members of the military taking up spots, armed soldiers and members of the military openly carrying their firearms in a city that’s hardly known as a Second Amendment welcome mat.

But that’s not even the astonishing part.

The astonishing part is that all that was unleashed at the request of Democrats.

“At the request of Mayor Muriel Bowser, the District of Columbia National Guard is [activated] in a support role to the Metropolitan Police Department,” The Hill cited the D.C. National Guard as saying on Jan. 4, in the leadup to the Capitol Hill pro-President Donald Trump rallies.

Then came the violence inside the Capitol.

Then came Nancy Pelosi and her call for troops.

“Leader Pelosi, the D.C. mayor [are] asking for National Guard to clear the area,” reported NBC News as the protesters swirled into Congress on Jan. 6.

Then came the inaugural calls for more troops, more armed guards, more police and law enforcement and military presence. To the tune of 15,000 activations, and another 10,000 on standby.

“It is known collectively as Joint Task Force District of Columbia,” the Military Times wrote in a piece titled, “15,000 National Guard troops now in DC for inauguration in eerie calm before the feared storm,” posted online just a day before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The task force includes a range of military commands, all aimed at protecting the federal government and federal resources.

And they’ve all swarmed to Capitol Hill for inauguration events because Democrats fear the deplorable dastardly Trump supporters might do harm to Biden, to Biden’s base, and to Biden’s, broadly speaking, true-blue fans. Or fan. As the case may be.

Anyhow: Well and good. Fine and dandy.

But don’t Democrats despise the military? At the least — don’t Democrats want to disband the military, rather than expand its demand? Heck, don’t they despise police, too?

And look, Democrats definitely, definitely despise the Second Amendment and want to disarm most all of America — at least the ones who are legal carriers. The thugs and gang-bangers and illegal border crossers — they can keep their guns. Democrats are fine with that. 

They have rights, dontcha know.

It’s an amazing time to be an American and see this flip of a political switch the Democrats have done in just a few short days, going from “defund police” and majorly cutting military budgets and condemning the arming of citizens, the legal ones anyway — going from all that to this: massive armed military and police presence in Washington, D.C.

To protect Joe Biden.

To protect the Democrats.

To protect Joe Biden and the Democrats from Trump supporters. 

Democrats. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. They hate guns, they hate the military, they hate police — but not as much as they hate conservatives. They hate guns, the military and police, except when they can use guns, soldiers and police to keep out the deplorables.

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