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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

CNN sports anchor Andy Scholes apologized on social media Tuesday for comments he made about golf legend Tiger Woods that many deemed insensitive. 

Mr. Scholes appeared “CNN Right Now” with Brianna Keilar soon after the news broke that Mr. Woods was the driver in a high-speed rollover car crash near Los Angeles and that he had been taken to a hospital with serious injuries.

Mr. Scholes opened his remarks by saying he was “not entirely surprised” by the crash, citing Mr. Woods‘ 2017 DUI charge.

“Stunned I guess, but not entirely surprised but what we’re seeing here,” Mr. Scholes said. “Tiger, back in 2017, was found by police pulled over the side of the road, asleep in his car. He said he had taken a lot of painkillers at that time, because we all know Tiger’s undergone a lot of surgeries over the years, and painkillers have become a part of his life.”

Mr. Scholes was swiftly criticized for the reference. He responded to more than a dozen critics saying he didn’t mean to offend.

“Really sorry. Didn’t mean for it to come out that way,” he wrote.

Mr. Woods, 45, pleaded guilty to reckless driving in October 2017, shortly after completing a treatment program to get help with prescription medication and a sleep disorder.

A statement posted to his Twitter account Wednesday said Mr. Woods was “awake, responsive, and recovering” in the hospital from major surgery on his lower right leg and ankle after being involved in a single-car accident in Rancho Palos Verdes.

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