- The Washington Times
Thursday, April 8, 2021

Late-night comedian Samantha Bee acknowledged Tuesday that she’s gone easy on roasting President Biden because she agrees with him politically.

Ms. Bee, host of “Full Frontal” on TBS, told former news anchor Dan Rather during his SiriusXM show that “there are more worthy targets right now” when asked if she pulls punches on the new Democratic president. 

“Do you or do you not find yourself sometimes at least tempted to kind of pull your punches?” Mr. Rather asked the comedian.

“I can’t deny that that has happened,” Ms. Bee responded. “I think that’s probably true across the board. You’re like, ‘OK, well, we could be making jokes about the infrastructure plan,’ but in general, I’m like, ‘Wow, this is great. Why would I purposefully undermine something that seems to be a great idea, pretty much across the board?’

“I don’t need to make jokes just to make jokes,” she continued. “Like, I like to make really targeted jokes. There are more worthy targets right now, I think.”

Ms. Bee said she wouldn’t completely avoid going after the new administration, citing a forthcoming comedic segment on the immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border.

“Certainly we’re planning to do a segment about what’s happening at the border because we really don’t understand it. We really want to understand it,” she said.

“So, you know, they’re not going to be immune to our, like, comedically interrogating what they are doing,” she added. “It’s not like we’re going to back off everything that we do. But there’s plenty enough to talk about right now.”

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