Thursday, October 22, 2020


President Trump — Reins in Trumpiness, keeps chaos at bay and gives a strictly presidential performance.

NBC’s Kristen Welker — Trump upgrades her from “Radical Democrat” to “I respect very much the way you are handling this.”

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Tony Bobulinski — Two days ago, nobody knew his name. Now he is the president’s debate guest and headed to meetings with senators.

Melania Trump — She’s back in action after catching coronavirus … and somehow makes a mask glamorous.

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Joe Biden — Checks his watch mid-debate like he’s late for the Amtrak to Napland.

Hunter Biden — His dad won’t even mention his name.

Mute button — Didn’t live up to the pre-debate hype. It only got hit once — for Trump, of course.

Medicare for All — It used to be all the rage and now Biden tramples on the far-left’s dream.

Extremists — Trump doesn’t mention Antifa and Biden blurts out “Poor Boys” instead of Proud Boys.

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