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Monday, November 30, 2020


A funny thing happened to Joe Biden on the way to the White House: He slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his dog, and now he’s confined to a walking boot for the foreseeable future.

And this is America’s next president — the old white guy wrapped in a permanent face cloth who can barely finish his sentences and whose bones are apparently unable to withstand the pressures of canine play.

The world watches.

The anti-America world rubs hands in glee.

It’s not even Day One on the job and already the supposedly emerging most powerful man in the world is at a hobble. Not a good look; not a good look at all.

“Initial X-rays are reassuring that there is no obvious fracture and he will be getting an additional CT for more detailed imaging,” said Biden’s personal physician, Kevin O’Connor.


Reassuring for Biden, maybe, because he didn’t break a leg. Reassuring for Biden’s family, maybe, because their loved one has only suffered several hairline fractures, and not something more debilitating. But reassuring for the country? Reassuring for Americans? Not so much.

Biden is 78 years old.

A permanent feature of his campaign trail was an off-camera presence at the ready to grab him if he fell.

He will go down in history as the candidate who ran a presidential campaign from the safety of his basement bunker.

He barely completed sentences when asked questions — and when he did, he trailed into so many rabbit holes even his fixers at CNN and MSNBC had to work overtime on the old splice and dice duty.

In other words: He was a weak candidate.

Weak like a warm muffin. Weaker, even.

And now his image, headed into the White House as he is, includes a walking boot from a dog-playing injuring?

Oh, for the good old days of a Donald Trump calling out the Chinese, calling out the fat boy North Korean leader, calling out the wicked deep-staters within his own administration. Yes? Because mark these words — Biden’s foot boot is just the beginning.

America’s about to get a leader whose health ailments will sideline him from strength. And once again, the world is watching. And waiting. And rubbing hands with glee. Nothing like a weak American president to embolden and buoy the forces of the world who fight against freedom.

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