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Friday, March 6, 2020

A Bojangles’ manager is out of a job after a group of Trump supporters were locked out of a nearby restaurant following the president’s campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Bojangles’ restaurant in Charlotte saw a flood of customers Monday night after President Trump’s rally at the Bojangles’ Coliseum just a short walk away. Photos posted on Facebook by Michael Furick showed a handful of Trump supporters apparently locked out of the restaurant.

“I walk up to the door and people are gathered around and stated they would not serve trump supporters,” Mr. Furick wrote.

On Tuesday, Bojangles’ issued a statement saying the restaurant had become overwhelmed with customers and that a “young shift manager” made the “bad decision” to temporarily close the dining room.

“The drive-thru remained open,” the statement read. “About 30 minutes later, the dining room reopened, and all guests waiting were served. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

The chain tweeted Friday: “The manager on duty is no longer employed by us. Bojangles’ welcomes ALL customers.”

It was unclear whether the manager was fired or quit.

Brian Little, the head of the chain’s communications, told The Charlotte Observer that the restaurant was not targeting Trump supporters by closing its doors.

“We apologize for anyone who felt they were treated in a way that was disrespectful. This is not in line with who we are as a business. We serve everyone who wants to purchase one of our [items],” Mr. Little said.

After it’s official apology Tuesday, Bojangles’ faced a new controversy after someone posted an anti-Trump sign on the front door of another restaurant in North Carolina.

“No One Allowed In Wearing Trump Hats Or Shirts. You Will Be Asked To Leave,” the sign read.

Bojangles’ tweeted that the sign was not hung by an employee and was removed immediately.

“An incident happened at our store near Bojangles’ Coliseum earlier this week,” the chain wrote Wednesday. “A manager made a bad decision to close the dining room. We apologize. That manager is no longer employed by us. At a different store, a customer posted a sign that is not true. We welcome ALL customers.”

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