- The Washington Times
Thursday, March 5, 2020

Emmy-winning actor Billy Porter revealed in a new interview that he is portraying a “genderless” Fairy Godmother in the upcoming “Cinderella” remake, saying “the kids are ready” for more inclusive fairy tale characters.

The “Pose” star and gender-bending fashion icon, who is known for wearing lavish custom-made gowns on the red carpet, said the new “Cinderella” set to premiere in 2021 will be “a classic fairytale for a new generation.”

“It hit me when I was on the set last week, how profound it is that I am playing the Fairy Godmother — they call it the Fab G,” Mr. Porter told CBS News this week. “Magic has no gender.”

“We are presenting this character as genderless — at least that’s how I’m playing it. And it’s really powerful,” he said. “I think the new generation is really ready. The kids are ready. It’s the grown-ups that are slowing stuff down.”

Last year, Mr. Porter became the first openly gay black man to win an Emmy for a leading role. He said the “greatest” part of that historic win was the chance to represent others like him.

“I represent something that I, as a young man, never had,” he said. “That’s the greatest news. That’s where I have to leave it though so that I can continue to do the work.”

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