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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

MSNBC host Chris Hayes declared President Trump a “genuine threat to public health” Tuesday night and refused to air his comments from earlier in the day concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Hayes opened his show by pointing out how other countries have instituted sweeping lockdowns for as long as 60 days, whereas Mr. Trump said told Fox News that he hopes to get the U.S. back up and running by Easter.

“Easter is, uh, two and a half weeks away,” Mr. Hayes scoffed.

“And when the president was pushed on that Easter goal, he made up a preposterous claim that doctors wanted to keep everyone locked down for two years, and no way he’s having that, although literally no one is suggesting we stay locked down for two years,” he continued.

“The president also claimed the flu pandemic in 1918, the deadliest pandemic in recent modern history, that it had a 50% mortality rate, killed one out of every two people,” he said. “Now the data we have on the flu pandemic of 1918 is a bit spotty, but there’s just no way that’s true.”

Mr. Hayes went on to say he wouldn’t be playing any audio of the president’s comments Tuesday because his “rhetoric” could endanger lives.

“In the midst of this global pandemic, at this moment of crisis, the president, as he has been doing daily, as he has done since the first case arrived on our shores, went out today and said things that are flat-out wrong, that are lies, and more than that, that are dangerous,” the MSNBC host claimed.

“And that’s why we did not play you any sound of what he said today,” he added. “Because frankly, the president has become a kind of, well, he’s a genuine threat to public health, his rhetoric at this point, the things he says.”

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