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Friday, June 19, 2020

Hillary Clinton bashed President Trump in a new interview with British media, accusing him of repeatedly trying to “hijack Christianity and the Bible” for his own political purposes.

The former secretary of state and twice-failed presidential candidate slammed the president during a wide-ranging interview with Sky News on Wednesday, citing his recent treatment of Black Lives Matter protesters.

Mr. Trump sparked an uproar on June 1 after authorities forcefully cleared protesters from Lafayette Square so the president could walk from the White House for a photo opportunity in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church, which had been badly damaged during the George Floyd riots.

Mrs. Clinton slammed Mr. Trump’s actions that day and accused him lumping peaceful protesters in with the “tiny, tiny minority” of rioters.

“They were totally peaceful protesters,” the former first lady said. “And what he was trying to do, as he often does, is to mischaracterize them and their behavior and their goals and lump them in with the tiny, tiny minority of people who took advantage of a tragic moment to loot, and to steal, and to vandalize — a tiny, tiny percentage. And he wanted to cast that over the millions of, you know, very thoughtful, nonviolent, peaceful protesters.”

Sky News’s Kay Burley added: “For a photo opportunity.”

“Well, absolutely,” Mrs. Clinton replied. “For a photo opportunity holding a book he’s never read.”

Ms. Burley responded, “He says that it’s one of his favorite books.”

“Yes, and he can’t tell you a single thing that’s in it,” Mrs. Clinton said. “That has been a pattern. He’s tried to hijack Christianity and the Bible in ways that are, you know, deeply hypocritical, and that was just another occasion.”

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