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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Former Democratic New York state assemblyman Dov Hikind was escorted by police out of an event featuring Rep. Rashida Tlaib after he shouted a question about anti-Semitism.

Ms. Tlaib, Michigan Democrat, was the guest speaker at an event Saturday at Rutgers University, titled “A Global Crisis: Refugees, Migrants, and Asylum Seekers — Lessons from the Prophet Muhammad,” which was organized by the group Muslims4Peace, Fox News reported Monday. Mr. Hikind tweeted a video of the moment when he interrupted Ms. Tlaib’s speech and was immediately manhandled by an attendee and eventually escorted out of the room by police.

In the clip, Mr. Hikind is able to stand up and say, “What about your—,” before a man comes up from behind and forcefully grabs him.

“You can leave,” one attendee shouts at Mr. Hikind as he exchanges words with the man who grabbed him, according to the clip.

Mr. Hikind, who is Jewish, then yells at Ms. Tlaib, “What about your anti-Semitism? What about your blood libel against Israel?”

University police officers then approach Mr. Hikind and the crowd breaks into a “Rashida” chant. Mr. Hikind continues yelling but is drowned out by the chants as the officers escort him out of the room.

Mr. Hikind later told Fox News that he had enjoyed most of the event and sat in the audience for nearly three hours before his outburst.

“Then Rashida came on at the end as the main speaker,” he said.

Mr. Hikind criticized Ms. Tlaib for retweeting a message last month from Palestinian leader Hanan Ashrawi that spread the unverified claim that a 7-year-old Palestinian child was “kidnapped and executed by a herd of violent Israeli settlers” and was “assaulted and thrown in a water well.” Ms. Ashrawi later apologized for spreading the false claim after it was determined the boy’s death was an accidental drowning.

Ms. Tlaib, while she deleted her retweet, never apologized for sharing the false information. Instead, she waited three days to address the controversy and posted a tweet simply promising to “hold myself to the highest standards for what I share.”

“She never apologized,” Mr. Hikind told Fox News. “This, to me, is serious stuff.”

A Rutgers spokesperson told Fox News that Saturday’s event “was not sponsored or endorsed by Rutgers,” and that the university is committed to “diversity, inclusion and fostering a campus community in which people of all backgrounds are treated with respect.”

Ms. Tlaib’s office did not comment on Fox News’ story.

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