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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Rep. Frederica Wilson said the coronavirus pandemic is a “gendered” crisis because women are disproportionately serving on the frontlines.

The Democrat, who represents some of the hardest-hit areas of South Florida, tweeted to her 75,000 followers Tuesday afternoon: “In so many ways, the #COVID19 pandemic is a gendered crisis. We’re disproportionately on the frontlines as healthcare workers, food service workers, grocery.”

Ms. Wilson’s tweet is being “ratioed,” which means it’s garnering far more responses than likes and shares, a phenomenon that typically happens with unpopular posts.

“Stop with this nonsense,” one critic wrote.

“It’s killing more men than women,” another replied.

Indeed, research pouring in from around the globe suggests that men are more likely to die from COVID-19 than women.

Ms. Wilson’s comments echoed sentiments expressed last week by Australian Sen. Mehreen Faruqi, who dubbed the pandemic a “gendered crisis.”

“Nurses, nurse aides, teachers, child carers and early-childhood educators, aged-care workers and cleaners are mostly women,” Ms. Faruqi tweeted, Twitchy reported. “They are on the frontline of this public health crisis and carry a disproportionate risk of being exposed to the virus.”

Ms. Wilson did not respond to the backlash over her tweet.

A subsequent post by the congresswoman said the pandemic is also disproportionately affecting “moms of color.”

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