Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Many are now noting that this latest attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh is simply one front in the left’s larger campaign to delegitimize the current U.S. Supreme Court for political reasons.

That is certainly true, but it shouldn’t also be missed that these Democrats — Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke, to name a few, have called for Justice Kavanaugh’s impeachment — and their operatives are harming women’s rights.

They are doing this by continuing to politicize what’s left of the important #MeToo movement.

The New York Times, in this case, shows that it cares so little about women’s rights that it was willing to so hastily run a politically motivated hit piece on Justice Kavanaugh that the newspaper, the next day, had to correct. In this case, The Times was forced to clarify that this accuser “declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident.”

This hasty political use of an alleged assault that supposedly occurred decades ago, and that the woman it happened to apparently doesn’t recall, belittles and undermines all the real victims out there — women and men.

This, after all, is hardly a problem only found in one political party. People on the left, from Matt Lauer to Bill Clinton, have been accused of these crimes.

Most of the research for my book “The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide to the Workplace” was done during and just after the Kavanaugh hearings. As I interviewed CEOs, the heads of human-resources departments, well-known and successful women and men and more, I found that politicizing this important issue actually turns a lot of women and men against this movement, as they no longer perceive it as a fair movement working to rid workplaces of monsters.

The political use of this movement by Democrats is also obscuring some of the real causes, which is thereby harming women and men.

Many on the left, for example, are saying the trouble is men, or manliness. With the problem thus identified, as far as they are concerned, they say the solution that follows is to weaken men to empower women — we see this everywhere now. One problem with this sexist remedy is it gives men no incentive to be part of the solution, as it is a no-win scenario for them. 

Even if men go along with this anti-masculine logic by weakening themselves, aren’t they then less likely to boldly take on someone up the chain of command who might be guilty of sexually harassing one or more employees? Weak men, after all, don’t stand up to powerful men or women. 

Claiming that men are guilty simply because they are men also gives a big pass to the legal system, as right now the prevalence of forced-arbitration agreements is smothering this debate. 

Forced-arbitration agreements are very common. “Among private sector nonunion employees, 56.2 percent are subject to mandatory employment arbitration procedures,” reports Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit organization. 

This means that more than 60 million American employees are now being hindered from bringing claims into the legal system. They instead are forced to only go through their human-resources departments. The first responsibility of an HR department is to protect the company. This can mean that they’ll try to protect a CEO or other person in upper management in order to protect the company.

Forced-arbitration agreements have thereby suffocated a lot of possible public debate, a debate that would help us understand and address this important issue. 

This is clearly a big reason why so many actors and CEOs, who might have been preying on the people they employed, were able to get away with all they allegedly did for so long. 

Congress has also used administrative procedures to hush up staffers who’ve accused members of Congress of sexual harassment. Members of Congress even used a slush fund (taxpayer money) to pay victims for silence. 

Instead of using this movement for political ends or blaming masculinity for these problems, how about working to shed some light on these contracts? This way, more of these contracts will be reformed to ensure we are protecting the women, and yes some men, who are sexually harassed or worse.

Instead, the left is entirely focused on using #MeToo to destroy political adversaries — even when these people happen to be judges. 

• Frank Miniter is the author of “Spies in Congress: Inside the Democrats´ Covered-Up Cyber Scandal” (Post Hill Press, 2018).

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