- The Washington Times
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Newsweek felt the wrath of the Twitter ratio Monday after promoting a story about President Trump allegedly stealing pancakes from a distant relative years ago.

Newsweekcovered a recent interview with 79-year-old Alice Mackay, a “distant” Scottish cousin of Mr. Trump who described the president as unpleasant and ungrateful compared to his “lovely parents.”

“I don’t like the man at all, he’s so unlike his mother and father,” Ms. Mackay told Scottish newspaper The National.

Ms. Mackay, who is reportedly related to Mr. Trump through his mother’s family, the McLeods, recalled one morning when the visiting future president took the pancakes she had made to-go and dared to forget that her husband was dead.

“He put a few pancakes in [his] pocket and never said ‘cheerio’ or anything,” she alleged.

Newsweek reached out to the White House about the alleged “theft” but did not hear back.

The story is being mocked on social media as hardly devastating to Mr. Trump’s reelection efforts. Newsweek’s tweet promoting the story was retweeted less than 500 times but fetched a whopping 5,000 responses as of this writing.

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