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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Hillary Clinton spent nearly an hour riffling through her old emails and sitting behind a fake Resolute Desk as part of an Italian art exhibit earlier this week.

“Found my emails at the Venice Biennale,” the twice-failed presidential candidate tweeted Thursday. “Someone alert the House GOP.”

Mrs. Clinton appeared at the Despar Teatro Italia in Venice on Tuesday, where she visited an art exhibit by Kenneth Goldsmith, titled, “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails.”

Mr. Goldsmithtold HuffPost via email that Mrs. Clinton’s visit “was a surprise.”

“Someone close to Mrs. Clinton contacted us very informally a few days before her visit,” he said. “We realized that it wasn’t a joke only when we saw the security service inside the exhibition space at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.”

The exhibit features 60,000 pages of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, which, according to WikiLeaks, “were sent from the domain clintonemail.com between 2009 and 2013,” according to the description from exhibit co-organizer Zuecca Projects.

“The pile of papers is rather unimpressive, rebutting Trump’s efforts to make them monumental,” the description reads. “In this way, Goldsmith creates an anti-monument to the folly of Trump’s heinous smear campaign against Clinton. In an ambient somewhere between a library, a theatre stage and an embassy, the language of digital bureaucracy is transformed by Goldsmith into a work of literature.”

The exhibition runs until Nov. 24.

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