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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro accused CNN of “journalistic malpractice” for not asking more serious questions during Tuesday night’s debate.

The former secretary of Housing and Urban Development spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes after the debate and said there were “very significant gaps” in questions tackling foreign and domestic issues.

“I challenge CNN and The New York Times to ask, finally ask, about homelessness and housing,” he said. “I tried to insert a little bit about that in some of my answers. But we talked about Ellen [DeGeneres] at the end. And I know what the point of the question was, but we keep leaving some of these huge issues that impact families off of the question agenda at these debates. And really, it’s journalistic malpractice to do that.”

CNN faced widespread criticism following the three-hour debate after Anderson Cooper used his last question to cite Ms. DeGeneres’s recent dust-up with the left because of her friendship with former Republican President George W. Bush.

“We’d like you to tell us about a friendship that you’ve had that would surprise us and what impacts it’s had on you and your beliefs,” Mr. Cooper asked.

Mr. Castro and fellow candidate Sen. Kamala Harris called out the question on Twitter, complaining that more significant topics like climate change and immigration had been ignored.

“Three hours and no questions tonight about climate, housing, or immigration. Climate change is an existential threat,” Mr. Castro wrote. “America has a housing crisis. Children are still in cages at our border. But you know, Ellen. #DemocraticDebate.”

Ms. Harris wrote, “Three hours. Not one question about the climate crisis. Not one question about LGBTQ+ rights. Not one question about immigration. These issues are too important to ignore. #DemDebate.”

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