- The Washington Times
Friday, November 29, 2019

Actor and comedian Tim Allen said on ABC’s “The View” that political correctness has had an “alarming” effect on comedy.

The “Last Man Standing” star agreed with co-host and fellow comedian Joy Behar that the changing culture has made many jokes by legendary comedians too taboo in today’s context.

“It’s a little bit different now. I mean, there’s a PC culture that makes it really hard,” Ms. Behar said. “I think my act, if I ever brought that old act back, I’d be driven out of town.”

Mr. Allen, who just wrapped up a 44-city comedy tour, said it’s dramatically changed the way he does standup.

“What I’ve got to do sometimes is explain — which I hate, in big arenas, and this is a thought police thing and I do not like it — but when I use these words, this is my intent behind those words,” Mr. Allen said.

“So as long as you understand my intent,” he added. “I still get people: ‘Well, just don’t say it,’ and I said, ‘I’m not going to do that.’”

Mr. Allen lamented that he can’t even mention the iconic works of late comedians Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor because they’re too controversial today.

“It’s an alarming thing for comedians,” he said.

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