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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

David Letterman, the former late-night talk show titan who hosted Donald Trump more than 30 times, now calls the president a “soulless bastard” who is a completely different person today.

Mr. Letterman, who now hosts “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” on Netflix, told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday that he no longer recognizes the Trump he once knew.

“More than 30?” Mr. Letterman exclaimed when confronted with the number of times he had Mr. Trump on his shows, “Late Night With David Letterman” and “The Late Show With David Letterman.”

“Wow! You’re welcome, America,” he joked. “I think he just liked being on TV. I had no sense that he was the soulless bastard that he’s turned into.

“Everybody says, ‘Oh, wouldn’t you like to talk to Donald Trump [today]?’ And I would. I would just like to say, ‘Don, it’s Dave. Remember me? I want to talk to the real Donald Trump,’” Mr. Letterman said. “Because I now don’t know which is the real Donald Trump, and if the Donald Trump I was talking to [back then] was the real Donald Trump, how do you get to be the guy he is now?

“Because the other thing is, politics notwithstanding, let’s just say everything is great and he’s done a great job, but he still behaves the way he behaves — who behaves like that?,” he added. “I don’t get it.”

Mr. Letterman said the president was never really taken seriously in New York but that something must have changed to make him the way he is today.

“He used to be kind of like the boob of New York that pretended to be wealthy, or we thought was wealthy, and now he’s just a psychotic. Is that putting too fine a point on it?” he said.

While Mr. Letterman is clearly not a fan of Mr. Trump, he said last month that he’s ready for everybody to “stop yakking about what a goon he is” and vote him out in 2020.

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