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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Popular talk radio personality Charlamagne tha God, who co-hosts “The Breakfast Club,” said Wednesday that Democratic presidential front-runner Joseph R. Biden is suffering from “old white male entitlement” and can never admit when he’s wrong.

Charlamagne, whose real name is Lenard Larry McKelvey, told CNN’s Don Lemon that the former vice president is fumbling through his campaign because he can’t come to accept that voters want new ideas.

Joe Biden, he fumbles the ball all the time, he misses layups,” Charlamagne said. “I think Joe Biden fumbles all the time, because Joe Biden suffers from old white male entitlement.

“He can’t simply say, ‘I was wrong,’ or he can’t simply say, ‘I’m sorry,’ or he can’t simply say, ‘Hey I thought this way at one time, but now I think a different way,’ instead of him just admitting that some of the things that he actually did was wrong,” he continued.

“I don’t think people are too old but I think you can have old ideas,” he added. “I think you got to be willing to learn new things, really you got to be willing to unlearn. That’s what I’m more interested in — what have you unlearned? A lot of these guys aren’t telling us what they’ve unlearned because they’re still holding on to those old things that we’re complaining about.”

Charlamagne, who has hosted eight of the 24 Democratic presidential candidates on his show, said he doesn’t know who his 2020 favorite is yet but thinks Sen. Kamala Harris stands the best chance to beat President Trump.

“I feel like Donald Trump is setting the stage for the first woman president, specifically a woman of color,” he said, adding that women of color have been mobilized by Mr. Trump’s presidency. “When you see somebody as qualified as Sen. Harris is, it’s like, why wouldn’t you want that? Why wouldn’t you rally around that?”

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