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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Actor Ashton Kutcher entered the abortion debate by posting a “powerful speech” by Special Olympian and disability advocate Frank Stephens, declaring before Congress in 2017 that it’s prejudiced and immoral to abort fetuses with Down syndrome.

“I am a man with Down Syndrome and my life is worth living,” Mr. Stephens said in the video posted by Mr. Kutcher.

Mr. Stephens’ famous anti-abortion speech was to urge Congress to allocate federal money to research that would help people with Down syndrome.

“Fund this research,” he pleaded at the time. “Let’s be America, not Iceland or Denmark. Let’s pursue answers, not ‘final solutions.’ Let’s make our goal to be Alzheimer’s-free, not Down syndrome-free.”

Mr. Kutcher, who has two children with liberal actress Mila Kunis, posted the video on Facebook Friday, giving it the title, “This man gave powerful speech on Down Syndrome,” The Blaze reported.

“Everyone’s life is valuable,” “The Ranch” actor declared.

His post has racked up more than 5.3 million views and 117,000 shares.

America’s abortion debate has ratcheted up in recent days after New York dropped most restrictions on terminating late-term pregnancies. Mr. Kutcher’s post came three days after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the spire atop the One World Trade Center in Manhattan to be lighted pink in celebration of the law.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam sparked outrage Wednesday after he signaled support for a similar state bill that was defeated by Republicans this week.

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