- The Washington Times
Friday, January 11, 2019

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is setting the record straight after a U.K. tabloid published a purported “exclusive” interview with the actor in which he allegedly slammed younger generations in the U.S. for eroding decades of progress with rampant political correctness. 

“The interview never took place, never happened, never said any of those words,” the “Jumanji” star said in an Instagram video he posted Friday evening.

Mr. Johnson made international headlines Friday morning after The Daily Star published an allegedly “exclusive” interview with the actor that quoted him as saying “generation snowflake” was always “looking for a reason to be offended.”

Mr. Johnson said in his video that the quotes were “100 percent fabricated” and that he would never criticize an entire generation.

“I was quite baffled when I woke up this morning,” he said. “I’ve gained such a great trust and equity in all you guys all around the world over the years, and you know it’s not a real DJ interview if I’m ever insulting a group, a generation, or anyone, because that’s not me. And that’s not who I am, and it’s not what we do.

“So to the millennials, the interview never happened,” he added. “To the plurals, the baby boomers, the snowflake generation, I don’t even know where that term came from, the tequila generation, that’s a generation I just started, that’s a good one. You’ll want to join it. I always encourage empathy, I encourage growth, but most importantly, I encourage everybody to be exactly who they want to be.”

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