- The Washington Times
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz on Tuesday lauded President Trump for fulfilling promises that previous presidents could not.

“This president is doing things that other presidents always promised to do, but he is keeping his promise and I am thankful for it,” Mr. Ortiz said on “Fox & Friends,” citing the robust economy and record unemployment.

“He’s not a politician, he’s an American who cares about our country,” the UFC Hall of Famer said.

During an earlier appearance on Fox Business, Mr. Ortiz said he knows many Latino Americans who support Mr. Trump but are afraid to say so.

“I walk with a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat — Latinos for Trump,” he said. “There are so many Latinos that do support Trump, but are afraid to come out and say it. I think it was just blown out of proportion when he spoke about the criminals coming over from Mexico to here.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger the more they get educated on what the truth is about this,” he added, Fox reported. “And I think the Democratic Party is showing their side of it, of the criminals they are and the things that they’re being caught for, and I hope Trump continues to focus on that and the people will be able to see it more and more each and every day.”

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