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Friday, January 19, 2018

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is thanking his ministry followers and Jesus Christ for helping him acquire a multimillion-dollar Gulfstream V jet.

In a blog post asking donors for more money, the Texas-based Kenneth Copeland Ministries said God told Mr. Copeland that the Gulfstream V was the jet for him to continue his mission around the world. The ministry said the jet was purchased in full from filmmaker Tyler Perry in November.

It is unclear how much Mr. Copeland’s ministry paid for the jet but AV Buyer lists the lowest-priced Gulfstream V on the market priced at just under $6 million, The Christian Post reported.

“Father, we thank you so and I’m asking you now, sir, according to your word, bless our partners beyond measure,” Mr. Copeland said in prayer on the tarmac, according to a video posted by his ministry. “For you said in 2002, ‘I’m sending you new partners who are very strong financially and they will obey me. And I will increase your longtime partners and they will obey me.’”

The ministry is touting the jet as “debt free,” but stressed that millions of dollars in additional donations are needed in order to upgrade the jet’s avionics, reconfigure the interior “to better serve KCM’s needs for international flights,” and pay for the construction of a new hangar, upgrade the existing runway, and purchase special maintenance equipment.

“The Copelands, the KCM staff, the leadership team and I are pressing for your harvest and our harvest as a team,” the blog post said. “Let’s be aggressive in our faith, in our giving and in our harvesting!”

In a 2015 “Believers Voice of Victory” broadcast hosted by Mr. Copeland and Jesse Duplantis, the ministers defended their use of private jets as a luxury means of travel, arguing that commercial planes are full of “a bunch of demons” that will bog down their busy schedules with prayer requests.

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