- The Washington Times
Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. had a few thoughts Wednesday about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s claim that the “future is female.”

“When is it appropriate to let my boys (9, 7 and 6 years old) that there’s no future for them?” the president’s eldest son tweeted to the New York Democrat.

Mrs. Gillibrand tweeted Tuesday evening that the future is “female,” “intersectional” and “powered by our belief in one another.”

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Mr. Trump said the argument was not a “winning platform” for the senator.

Mr. Trump has criticized aspects of the #MeToo movement in the past, saying he worries that his sons will someday have their lives destroyed due to baseless accusations.

Other conservatives also criticized Mrs. Gillibrand’s claim, including Sen. Marco Rubio, who said the future is “AMERICAN.”

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