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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Liberal comedian Sarah Silverman said she learned a thing or two about Americans who voted for President Trump once she took the time to get to know them one-on-one.

Ms. Silverman spoke at the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles over the weekend about her new satirical Hulu series, “I Love You, America,” in which she seeks common ground with people of different political and cultural stripes. She revealed that finding common ground with the people who voted for Mr. Trump, whom she’s ruthlessly criticized over the past two years, was surprisingly easy.

“When you’re one-on-one with someone who doesn’t agree with you, or whose ideology is different than yours, when you’re face to face, your porcupine needles go down,” she said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The surprise was … I fell in love with them. I had a great time with them and I felt comfortable.

“I’m trying to be open,” she said. “I’m finding if I do engage with someone who is angry at me, or angry and I’m a place where they can put that anger … it’s almost always a good experience, because more than anything, all of us what we have in common is, we want to feel seen. We want to feel like we exist. We really should — all of us — work on not getting our self-esteem from outside forces, but it is so much when somebody just sees you. It’s just like, everything melts away. We just all just human out again.”

In one of her episodes of “I Love You, America,” Ms. Silverman sat down for dinner with a family of Trump voters at their home in Chalmette, Louisiana. The meeting was lighthearted and amicable, despite the family’s argument that Mr. Trump represented “change” in American politics — a sentiment with which Ms. Silverman clearly disagrees.

“Did we change each others’ minds? Um, f– no,” Ms. Silverman said in the episode. “But we did learn that we don’t have to be divided to disagree. We can have fun. We can even love each other.”

In March of last year, Ms. Silverman famously impersonated Adolf Hitler during an appearance on “Conan,” attempting to link Mr. Trump to the murderous Nazi leader. In February, she labeledMr. Trump a “fascist” and called for a military coup against the president in the midst of violent riots in Berkeley, California.

In her appearance Sunday, Ms. Silverman criticized Mr. Trump as a “damaged person.”

“He doesn’t understand what happiness is,” she said, according to Vulture. “If he wasn’t ruining people’s lives and destroying the planet, my heart would break for him. He’s a damaged, damaged person.”

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