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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A California-based rapper is strongly disputing a story that New York Daily News columnist Shaun King staked his “entire life” on during a recent radio interview.

C-Bo tweeted that Mr. King, a Black Lives Matter activist, is a liar after his account of a reported shootout at a Kentucky restaurant in 1993 was brought into question during an interview Friday with Fox Sports 1 radio host Jason Whitlock.

Mr. King said in a 2014 blog post that he and C-Bo, whose real name is Shawn Thomas, were at a soul food restaurant when fans swarmed the rapper asking for his autograph, The Daily Caller reported.

Mr. King, then 14, said the owner of the restaurant locked the doors to keep the mob outside.

“Sure enough. It happened. Somebody with a pistol started shooting through the glass and we all went scattering,” Mr. King wrote.

In his Friday interview with a skeptical Mr. Whitlock, Mr. King declared, “I stake my entire life on that story” and encouraged the interviewer to “talk to C-Bo himself.”

C-Bo, however, said he has never even met the writer.

“[Shaun] King is a lie,” he tweeted to his 105,000 followers Monday. “No shootout in a Kentucky restaurant. I don’t even know this dude.”

Mr. Whitlock retweeted the message, adding that Mr. King is a “con artist.”

Many of Mr. King’s claims about his racial identity and his work for various churches and charities have come under intense scrutiny, The Daily Caller noted. Several prominent leaders in the Black Lives Matter movement have disavowed him over what they said was mismanagement of funds for his now-defunct Justice Together project.

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