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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Norm MacDonald took a break from comedy Thursday to go on an hours-long tweetstorm praising President-elect Donald Trump and why he thinks the controversial Republican will one day be a “beloved” president.

Mr. MacDonald, a Canadian who repeatedly stated that he could not vote in the November election, lamented to his 818,000 Twitter followers that there is “a lot of alarmism” over Mr. Trump

“I don’t know why Trump won,” he wrote. “One reason was KellyAnne Conway, who is one of the most charming and lovable people I’ve ever seen.

“From where I was sitting, not knowing a thing about policy, I noticed a couple of things,” he continued. “Both candidates had very high unfavorables but one, Trump, was lighthearted and charming, the other strident.

“It became clear Hillary was trying to run out the clock but I think the American people were on to that and didn’t like it,” he added.

Mr. MacDonaldwent on to say that Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate for the Democratic Party and her “deplorables” comment about Mr. Trump’s supporters was what ultimately sank her.

“Then there was the rhetoric. Hillary called Trump supporters both deplorable and irredeemable,” the stand-up comedian wrote. “Hillary could not be more stupid than to refer to his followers as deplorable, galvanizing them to their candidate.

“And, then, to call half the country racist sealed the deal. Trump was not getting a fair share, many thought, and voted him in,” he said.

Mr. MacDonald said it was curious that the media shied away from interviewing tea party members and chose to focus instead on Ku Klux Klan members and neo-Nazis who supported Mr. Trump’s campaign.

“Instead we heard about the KKK and David Duke and neo-nazis and I don’t think reasonable people think these are large constituencies,” Mr. MacDonaldtweeted.

“The conventional wisdom is that Trump bullied his way to the white house but I don’t think that’s how a lot of people saw it,” he wrote. They saw a guy being laughed at by the media throughout, his every victory minimized.

“A lot of people say how could such a rich man be a voice for the poor man. Of course, the Clintons are also very rich,” Mr. MacDonaldcontinued. “But, I believe if you are a guy working on a construction site and you saw Trump, you might say, ‘Hey, thats how I’d be if I hit it rich.’ “

“So I think the American people, or a great deal of them, still see Trump as an underdog, someone the elite laughed off,” he added.

Mr. MacDonald refrained from saying outright that he supported Mr. Trump, but he retweeted a fan who wrote, “I think that he is a good man.”

“I believe there is a good chance that Trump will become a beloved President and I will tell you why,” Mr. MacDonaldtweeted. “Trump wanted money. He got it. Women. Got them. Power. Got it. And it is clear what Trump wants now. Love. Don’t bet against him getting it.”

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