- The Washington Times
Thursday, January 15, 2015

Police may have the backing of most Americans when it comes to law enforcement activities — but that doesn’t mean they’re above suspicion. A new survey shows that roughly a third of U.S. citizens believe police lie with some regularity.

Officers “routinely lie to serve their own interests,” nearly a third of Americans believe, a summary conducted jointly by Reuters and the IPSOS polling group indicated. The poll itself is not available to view.

That belief rises among blacks, with roughly 45 percent thinking police “routinely lie” as part of their jobs, Reuters reported. Another 70 percent of blacks think police actually target minorities.

Still, about three-quarters of the population approve of their local police and the job the officers are doing. Only 56 percent of the black population, meanwhile, believe similarly, Reuters said.

“I have been involved with officers who give police a bad name,” said Bloomington, Indiana, business owner MarQuis McClee, a black resident who took part in the poll.

The findings come as relations between police and the communities they serve — particularly among the black population — have been under scrutiny amid the August police shooting of Missouri teen Michael Brown and the resulting protests and demonstrations.

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