- The Washington Times
Friday, November 21, 2014

A Planet Fitness in Deltona, Florida, asked a 70-year-old man to remove his pro-life shirt or leave when an offended customer complained about its message.

Mike Amoroso was informed that someone at the gym was offended by his “Pray to end abortion shirt,” among others that he regularly wears while exercising.

“[A staffer] told me, ‘I am very sorry. We have someone who is not happy with your shirt. Someone is offended by your shirt,’” Mr. Amoroso told a local ABC affiliate Monday. When he mentioned that he wears the shirts all the time, he was told, “You’ll have to leave.”

When a local reporter asked Mr. Amoroso if the reaction to his shirt would dissuade him from wearing it in the future, he replied, “No, I might wear them more” because they generate discussions on the issue.

ABC asked the gym’s management for comment but did not receive a response.

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