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  • Mike Canino of Tyson's Corner, Va., straps a log he has named "Larry" to his backpack and hikes up and down steep terrains while training at the Scott's Run Nature Preserve for the Spartan Death Race, a tortuous combination of forced hikes, obstacle courses, sleep deprivation, and mental strain that is held annually in Vermont, McLean, Va., Sunday, June 10, 2012. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    Spartan Death Race: Masochistic marathon for a 'soft society'

    Founded by a pair of triathletes who found their pastime to be both too easy and, well, too boring, the Spartan Death Race is the premier event in a series of increasingly popular outdoor obstacle-course competitions that combine elements of "Survivor," Navy SEAL "Hell Week" and "Jackass."

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