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Saved from pact in nick of time

Anyone who heard President Trump's speech withdrawing America from the Paris Agreement and still thinks that pact was really about saving the planet is either a pathological believer in anything the mainstream media says or a hard-core member of the "commie-crat" party, whose goal is the destruction of America's economy.

Particulate matter cause of warming?

It's about time that someone brought an end to this "climate change" business. It's not the carbon in the atmosphere that causes Earth to warm; it's the lack of particulate matter. A little history for everyone: In 1883 when Krakatoa erupted Europe experienced two years without any real summer. And after Mt. St. Helens erupted, we had several bad winters.

Merkel starting to slip

The long years in charge of the European Union's economic and political powerhouse are showing in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's increasing lack of judgment at key moments

So much for "unpatriotic" debt

For many years now the country has been leaning toward becoming the United States of Socialist America (USSA). The mainstream media and Democrats are criticizing President Trump's proposed budget, a genuine attempt at redirecting federal spending and balancing the budget in the long run. If Democrats or the mainstream media have offered proposals to accomplish those goals, I'm not aware of them.

Where's the gratitude, Germany?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is an embarrassment to the world. Her statement that the United States is no longer a reliable partner is a demonstration of both arrogance and ignorance, and just happened to coincide with the American celebration of Memorial Day, the remembrance of our fallen soldiers. For the record, Ms. Merkel, the United States experienced over 900,000 casualties defeating your country, Germany, in World Wars I and II. Your gratitude for our successful efforts to liberate Europe from Germany twice in the past 100 years is sadly lacking.

Nuclear energy benefits U.S.

America's nuclear plants are critical to keeping carbon emissions low and are worth preserving, contrary to what William F. Shughart II argues in his recent op-ed ("Why nuclear power subsidies must end," Web, May 22).

Year of The Donald

In China, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. In our fair land, it is the year of The Donald and of turbulence. In the chaotic age of Donald Trump, it is tempting for some and irresistible for others like John Kasich to see the president as a real-life version of "Chance the gardener" (aka Chauncey Gardiner from the 1979 film "Being There").

Government's the problem

Last year, the day after Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican Party nominee for president, I left the Republican Party of Virginia to build the Constitution Party of Virginia. Now the Republican Party has betrayed not just conservatives but the American people in passing its own version of government-run health care. But make absolutely no mistake about it; the bill the House of Representatives passed does not repeal Obamacare. It only revises it.Last year, the day after Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican Party nominee for president, I left the Republican Party of Virginia to build the Constitution Party of Virginia.

Stop commenting on 'fake news'

The White House should institute a policy in which it does not respond to news stories or comments based on anonymous sources. Creating this rule would accomplish two goals. First, it would reduce the number of fake stories about the White House. White House denials often add credence to stories. If the White House does not comment on these stories, the reports will likely not gain much traction in the media. Consequently, news outlets would probably not run pieces because they would not be popular.

Rescind "Dear Colleague" letter

Since President Trump's inauguration the Democratic left and their media allies have been landing nothing but punches on the Trump administration, putting it totally on the defensive and most recently on the ropes. The Democrats have made clear their intent to do nothing but continue to resist everything about the White House -- fake, fabricated or accurate.

Trump budget commendable

In most parts of the country, there aren't loud, violent protests against President Trump and his policies. Rather, most Americans are rooting for Mr. Trump's success and hope he will continue to find the resolve to stand up to the "resistance." Most of all, there is great hope and optimism that the president will live up to his promises.

Inclusion makes military stronger

I am disappointed by your decision to publish an opinion piece that blatantly disrespects brave Americans who proudly serve our nation in uniform. In a very specific attack on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender service members, Rebecca Hagelin, the author of "Peace through diversity?" (Web, May 21) ridiculously argues that embracing the diversity of our armed forces somehow harms military readiness. Such outrageous nonsense and disregard for the strength of our military and those who serve in it are beyond reprehensible.

Fund service-year programs

America today faces a staggering reality: 5.5 million young adults are currently neither in school nor working. This is a gross underutilization of a vast pool of untapped talent and energy, resources that could be used to build communities across the nation and abroad. Service-year programs such as AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps and YouthBuild provide opportunities for Americans to gain workforce skills and provide creative solutions to address many issues that face communities today. As racial, economic, religious and political division is on the rise, this is not a time to cut funding to programs that help to build and strengthen communities. Instead it is time to support those initiatives so that all participants benefit.

Save Venezuela

The international community must save the Venezuelan people from corrupt Nicolas Maduro's communist dictatorship. The free world and President Trump must help through sanctions and diplomacy to prevent total economic disaster and the massacre of Venezuelans by Cuban military and Venezuelan security forces.

Red-tape ridiculousness

If all an administration did was regulatory reform, it would positively affect economic growth. Very often it is not just the federal government, but state and local governments, too, that drastically increase the cost of living and lower the quality of life for their residents.

Tired Trump addiction

When I checked for the news last night both Fox News and CNN were reporting what they labeled "breaking news." Fox was reporting on the terrorist bomb attack in Manchester, England. CNN had four commentators discussing another of their stories on President Trump and Russia collusion ("breaking news" for three months now).

Pentagon under no 'green' illusions

Rebecca Hagelin's "Peace through diversity?" op-ed (Web, May 21) article requires a response. I'm just a visitor here in Maryland and happened to read Ms. Hagelin's piece. Though not an expert, I had to wonder about the wisdom of her conclusions. She lumps diversity and global warming together as absurd world views that result in "ridiculous and dangerous military strategy."

Trump is not Nixon

The anti-Trump crowd is claiming that President Trump has, like Richard Nixon, committed an impeachable offense. Thus pressure is being applied to force his resignation.

Anti-Jewish sentiment unwelcome

I was stunned to read an apparent ad (not so identified) by A.H. Krieg, titled "Another French Fiasco," in your national weekly edition on May 15. I will not lend credence to this outrageous rant by quoting its incessant and unsupported insults to Jews. I read "Mein Kampf" when I studied German history at Yale many years ago, and this ad was a similar excuse for reasoned, intelligent writing that should never have gotten by any of your editors.

Who's the real criminal?

I would be remiss in doing my civic duty if I kept my mouth shut when I saw a terrible injustice. The Democrats have defamed, assaulted and slandered President Trump unmercifully since he took office.

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