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Egg on Gray Lady's face

Of all the reportage of the presidential brawl, none was more egregiously biased than that of The New York Times. The celebrated "Gray Lady" of newspapers was widely acclaimed as journalism's preeminently recognized standard bearer. But in the clash between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the paper surrendered all pretentiousness of journalistic truthfulness and impartiality, as it went to extremes to not simply present the Democrats' position in the most admiring light but to actually become Mrs. Clinton's clarion mouthpiece.

GOP should urge recounts, too

President-elect Trump and the GOP should be cheerful warriors regarding the Democratic recounts. In fact, they should join them by asking for recounts in Virginia, Colorado and New Hampshire, as well as any other state in which a Democratic win was remotely close.

Castro was no deity

Perhaps nothing better illustrates the vast discrepancy between the promises of communism and its reality than the responses on display over the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro ("Canadian PM Justin Trudeau hails Fidel Castro as 'remarkable leader,'" Web, Nov. 28).

Reform military promotion system

In addition to rebuilding America's military, President-elect Donald Trump and Congress should abolish our military's up-or-out promotion system, and reform the all-or-nothing retirement system. Currently, rank and pay grade in the military are synonymous.

More left-wing double standards

Since the average four-year-old can grasp the concepts of 'same' and 'different,' perhaps our entire society -- particularly the progressive left -- will see that there is no difference between Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of 1st in SEO, and the unfortunate business owners who refused to provide cake and floral services for gay weddings ("CEO Mathew Blanchfield tells pro-Trump, Republican clients to take a hike: 'You are not welcome,'" Web, Nov. 23).

Israel's 'wildfires' deliberate

Apologists claim that there are many Arabs who are against terrorism. If this were true, these anti-terror Arabs would humiliate their terrorist brothers and punish them. They would make the thought of terrorism anathema so that no one would burn or decapitate Israelis or Jews.

Erroneous analysts should go

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Fox News analyst Dick Morris appeared on many shows predicting that Mitt Romney would beat President Obama. Well, he was wrong, and he quickly disappeared from Fox News. That action was swift, and it showed us that Fox News was no longer going to employ an analyst that was wrong as dramatically as Mr. Morris had been. My, how four years has changed things.

Liberal media uninterested in truth

Where are the stories of hate crimes committed against Trump supporters? Where was the story of the vicious attack by violent black thugs in Chicago against a lone 50-year-old white man, David Wilcox, who was assumed to be a Trump voter?

McAuliffe taking Virginia for ride

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Virginia mayors of sanctuary cities have a message for Virginians: They will protect illegal aliens no matter what it costs and no matter what crime the illegal aliens have committed.

Living it up post-White House

It was disappointing to learn of President Obama's decision to live in Washington after his eight-year term expires in January 2017. Mr. President, may I offer Lexington, Kentucky as an alternative?

First too fast, now too slow

Donald Trump has been President-elect Trump for 15 days now. That's more than two weeks. Prior to his victory, he assembled his transition team, with some mid-stride adjustments. For more than two months now, these people have been working diligently to review the background and credentials of potential cabinet and lower-level presidential appointments.

Hollywood its own worst enemy

Hollywood, the land of (non-fat) milk and (free-range) honey, make-believe, mendacity, multi-million-dollar homes and PhD candidates in social issues, has any number of residents who, before the presidential election, vowed to self-deport should anyone other than Hillary Clinton win the election.

Time to unite behind Trump

Donald J. Trump is the president-elect, and as expected the Democrats and liberals are doing their best to deter him from carrying out his campaign agenda. The organized protests, condemnation of his early nominees and the continued false accusations of racism will continue. All Republicans should be objective and supportive of Mr. Trump's nominees, even if some do not meet all their criteria.

The people check the president

I often agree whole-heartedly with Deborah Simmons' pieces in The Washington Times, but I offer a correction to her Nov. 17 piece, "Back to American Civics 101" (Web). In her effort to educate, she writes that "the president governs, Congress checks the president and the U.S. Supreme Court checks both."

Nuclear policy needs Europe

Robert Monroe's op-ed, "Before the next mushroom cloud" (Nov. 17), highlights the dangers of nuclear proliferation and calls for the incoming Trump administration to take a lead within the United Nations to overcome the danger.

Comey a patsy in Clinton affair

In "The Federal Bureau of Political Investigation" (Web, Nov. 16) Andrew P. Napolitano calls FBI Director James Comey's July 5 press conference, during which Mr. Comey said Hillary Clinton "would not be prosecuted," and his reopening and subsequent re-closing of that same investigation "unlawful."

Stop punishing males

Enough. After the decades of damage they have done to anything male, Hillary Clinton, radical feminism and political correctness need to go ("'It's not her fault!': Hillary Clinton looks for excuses, ignores her party's failings," Web, Nov. 16).

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