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New college course needed

The strong support of Sen. Bernie Sanders among college students in the recent presidential campaign shows a dreadful lack of economic understanding. Therefore I strongly suggest a new college course be created: "The Economics of Venezuela."

Ruin often precedes change

After World War II, the two countries whose governments were totally destroyed by the war — Germany and Japan — were the two countries which, upon rebuilding to new order, succeeded best economically.

Deal with it: Trump won

When are the anti-Trump folks going to get it? They should pay attention and heed the words of outgoing Vice President Joe Biden: It's over. Stop all the talk about how the Russians influenced the election.

Obama woefully unprepared

Throughout the eight years of the Obama presidency my wife and I have disagreed on the president's abilities. I believed the president was reasonably intelligent but because of his upbringing as an anti-colonialist he did not have the pride in America that drives most successful citizens of this great country.

Boomers paved 'snowflakes' way

Woodstock highlighted the worst generation this country produced until those baby boomers formed breeding pairs. These people achieved self-actualization through moral exhibitionism and militant self-absorption, while ignoring the nobility that their parents, those from the Greatest Generation, displayed throughout the Depression and World War II.

We are a republic

Running from the discredited and self-incriminating name of "liberals" to big-government, oppressive "Progressives," the Democrats' rebranding should prompt Republicans to correct their own language.

VAT border adjustments unfair

Stephen Moore's op-ed, "The case for a border adjustable tax system" (Web, Jan. 8), is a juxtaposition to President-elect Donald Trump's pledge to negotiate and reverse the unfair trade practices of other countries.

Build bridges, not walls

I appreciate President-elect Trump's sentiment of wanting to make America great again. Part of that legacy is for America not only to be generous to its own people, but also to the rest of the world. To build a wall will not bring a solution.

Tillerson a strong pick

- Associated Press

After all the negatives about Donald Trump's secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson, the Senate Foreign Senate Committee hearing was refreshing ("Rex Tillerson takes tough line on Russian hacking in tense hearing," Web, Jan. 11). Mr. Tillerson effectively responded to questions using his common sense, knowledge, diplomacy and world business experience.

Hollywood still in own bubble

Cal Thomas reflects what most Americans think of Hollywood elites telling us folks in the real world what idiots we are for voting for Donald Trump ("Meryl Streep behaves as if elected to office," Web, Jan. 11). It will take a greater suspension of disbelief for me to see a movie featuring Meryl Streep or any other blathering liberal 'luminary' in film. Like Mr. Thomas, I prefer to watch the movies I choose from the luxury of my living room sofa.

Agencies not unanimous on hacking

"Trust, but verify" is an old Russian proverb famously quoted by President Ronald Reagan. However, the time for trust is past. Should we trust the Iranian government when it embraces taqiyya (lying to deceive "unbelievers")? Should we trust the Russian government when it annexes Crimea and invades Ukraine? The new normal for our time is "Don't trust, and verify if possible."

A lemon of a law

Why should it take more than a day to repeal Obamacare? "We the People" have been clamoring for its removal for seven long years. Could it be that Congress, the Supreme Court and the Obama administration and its aides are not required to participate in it, while the rest of us are forced?

Not much to miss about Obama

Thankfully a new president will be sworn in on Jan. 20. The soon-to-be-former president, elected under the pretense of "hope and change," will move on to shamefully make undeserved millions of dollars. His tenure was wrought with bigotry, lies, pettiness, party politics, blame, vindictiveness and self-serving decisions.

Abortion still kills

"Kentucky lawmakers kick off session with three pro-life bills" (Web, Jan. 5) quotes Tamarri Wieder, director of external affairs at Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, as saying, "Abortion did not just start happening after Roe v. Wade; women just stopped dying from them." This is not the case. Just check with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, under the topic of abortion surveillance.

Democratic Party an ashen heap

It took eight years for Bill Clinton to rebuild the Democratic Party — and it took his wife and President Obama the exact amount of time to undo it. Hillary Clinton's only opportunity to be elected president was 2008, when her abrasiveness was her main obstacle.

The real Obama legacy

President Obama imposed regulations to help specific businesses, such as Tesla Motors and Solar City, while destroying others, such as coal companies. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has achieved massive wealth with subsidies from taxpayers. His company makes electric toys for well-to-do people.

Stars unqualified to talk intelligence

Hollywood has had a lot to say in the last year about President-elect Donald Trump. Very little of it has been nice. Whoopi Goldberg promised to flee America if Mr. Trump was elected. She's still here, along with other high school dropouts Robert De Niro, Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen and Cher, all of whom share Ms. Goldberg's disdain for our soon-to-be president.

Obama broke own promise

President Obama claims that he would be elected to a third term if it were not prohibited ("Some big talk on the way out," Web, Dec. 28). I'm 90 years old. I've lived through some of the best and some of the worst times in our history. I believe it has been reported that the country is now more divided than at any time since the Civil War.

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