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Stop funding tyranny

Political correctness has become a vehicle for violent censorship on colleges campuses ("The Method to PC Madness," Web, April 30.) At first, college students feigned fear to obtain "safe spaces" to prevent being exposed to opposing views. However, of late they have changed tactics. Now they choose to silence those contrary views through violent censorship.

MoneyGram merger on up-and-up

Your recently published editorial, "A Wary Eye on China (Web, May 1) repeats false and baseless allegations about Ant Financial's proposed merger with MoneyGram. Ant Financial is a private, entrepreneurial global technology company dedicated to serving underbanked consumers globally. This transformational combination will grow MoneyGram's business and create jobs in America.

Trump must battle BAT

As a delegate, member of the Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee to Trump for President, and ardent supporter of President Trump, I'm enthused by his bold vision for a simplified, yet pro-growth tax-reform plan. But he must not allow his proposal to become poisoned in Congress by a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT).

No free rides

This country is in pain right now. It appears inevitable that Obamacare will be totally overhauled. It has become obvious that the major sticking point is coverage for preexisting conditions, particularly for the poor.

Trash burning costly, polluting

Rather than provide an article on burning garbage for energy, The Washington Times chose to publish what was essentially a press release from a garbage-incineration company ("The many benefits of 'turning trash to power,'" Web, May 1). The article praises a plant in West Palm Beach, Florida, but does not indicate that organized citizens and small businesses have defeated hundreds of planned incinerators across the country because of the plants' high costs and environmental pollution.

GOP disunity only hurts U.S.

If there's anything you can learn from Democrats, it's how to promote solidarity and unify on an issue — even if said issue is only good for them, and wrong for our constitutional republic. The Democratic Party stands together. On the other hand, the GOP now has the White House and Congress, yet unity behind the man who thoroughly demolished his opposition and brought them all to the point of ascendency is nowhere to be seen. The Republican Party obviously lacks the unifying 'gene' in their political DNA.

Not all change for better

Thinking about the changes I've seen in my lifetime, a significant factor has been the growth of the U.S. population from 117 million in 1926 to more than 320 million in recent years. As I travel the roadways in my area, at almost any time of the day traffic is bumper-to-bumper. I suspect the same condition exists in metropolitan areas throughout the nation. It is evident that we don't need more people. Thus amnesty for illegal aliens would seem to be counterproductive.

Rescind gang-member protections

Last year I watched candidate Donald Trump campaign to be our next president — and all the while, domestic gang memberships grew (as did gangs' violence and harm). I hoped Mr. Trump would be different from prior presidents and administrations that have utterly failed us on the issue of violent gangs.

Give seniors much-deserved break

There's a tax issue no one is talking about, and it should be part of any federal tax-reform plan. After paying into the system for years, seniors receive Social Security benefits, but if they're struggling and need to bring in income as sole proprietors, they're essentially forced to pay for their own benefits. They are charged the onerous 15.3 percent self-employment tax to pay for Social Security, although they are recipients of the program. And to add injury to insult, their Social Security benefits now become taxable. This is the shell game: The government gives them their benefit check with one hand, and takes it back with the other.

Enslaving A to 'free' B

"Health care is not a 'right'" (Web, April 30) is another sad and ultimately unsuccessful attempt at explaining reality. Health care is not a "right" simply because it rests upon the axiom of obligation (enforced by violence). No natural right imposes any obligation or violence upon another; a natural right simply refers to what you're entitled to on your own, something with which another cannot interfere.

On ethanol, hold feds' feet to fire

I found "Increasing number of Americans are willing to drive farther, pay more for ethanol-free fuel" (Web, April 25) interesting but lacking in real data. There is a growing demand for E0 gasoline but it isn't just because ethanol tends to damage fuel systems; it's because ethanol reduces overall gas-mileage efficiency.

Trump's busy first 100 days

The mainstream media's current canard is that the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency have been without any accomplishment. They may not like what he has done, but they are peddling propaganda when they say he has done nothing.

Put national security first

Since the Democrats do not want President Trump to fully fund his border security plan (or "the wall"), then the president and the Department of Justice should divert all funds from sanctuary cities and states to U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the funding of the southern-border security plan.

Defund killers of preborn

The Catholics for Choice full-page ad supporting taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, an organization which profits from killing the preborn and selling their organs, is misleading on several points (A5, April 26).

The group it's OK to hate

Irrespective of his personal conduct, Bill O'Reilly's firing reflects the triumph of political correctness and the unfettered power of allegations of sexual misconduct to eliminate straight white males from positions of power and influence ("The high price of Fox hunting," Web, April 20). To Wesley Pruden's insightful analysis, I would add "diversity" as a potent part of the progressive left's arsenal to deny educational opportunities and employment to straight white males and move them to the margins of society while simultaneously privileging all who fall under the "diversity" umbrella.

Government to the rescue

It is fair to conclude that the political left regards all matters as the domain of government — an "enlightened" government run by them. Family, faith and freedom are seen as threats to government control, and thus must be undermined.

Scalpel, not hatchet fixes voter rolls

In a recent editorial, The Washington Times urges the League of Women Voters and Common Cause to join an effort by Judicial Watch to remove voters from the registration rolls in Montgomery County, Maryland ("Preserving voting rights in Maryland," April 23). Based on our knowledge of Maryland's voter-registration system, we cannot support this misguided effort.

Help or get out

House Speaker Paul Ryan has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1999. Prior to becoming speaker in October, 2015, Mr. Ryan served on the House Ways and Means Committee as well as on the House Budget Committee. With all of this experience, why didn't he have a health-care bill ready? Why didn't he have a budget bill? A tax-reform bill?

GOP, speak up on costs

The Republican Party is failing to articulate key facts, primarily financial, affecting proposed and operative major legislation. This is akin to a bank failing to inform a customer that a credit card has been maxed out.

No freedom on liberal campuses

"Wellesley students advocate hostility on campuses to silence conservative 'hate speech'" (Web, April 20) exposes the eerily Orwellian nature of the events unfolding in our institutions of "higher learning." At Wellesley College, the case is being made for using force and violence to stifle the free speech of those who "refuse to adapt their beliefs." In February, students rioted and set fires at the University of California, Berkeley, to prevent an appearance by conservative personality Milo Yiannopoulos.

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