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Why media hates Trump

Many politicians have been disliked throughout the years, but I don't know of any politician more hated than President Donald Trump. Why is Mr. Trump detested by the global elite, mainstream media and liberals? It's because the globalists want a one-world government, a one-world economy and a one-world religion. Unfortunately for them, but great for America, along came Donald Trump.

Zinn no historian

Suzanne Fields' piece, "The pivot in the Age of Anger," (Web, March 1), touches upon one of the key elements of the culture wars: American history textbooks and who writes them. Why would any school district want the views of Howard Zinn in its textbooks? Why, indeed. It would be interesting to know where the 2 million copies of Mr. Zinn's textbook have been sold and the corresponding affect on local governance. It is well known in the industry that the largest school districts can dictate the content of curricula (i.e., California, New York). I took a course from Mr. Zinn. The fact that millions of students have learned the history of our country from him is chilling.

Left must accept defeat, move on

The public has rejected Democratic candidates and policies at the last three elections, giving the Republicans control of the House, the Senate, the White house and so many state houses. What more is needed to convince these nervous Republican congressional members that having won control, they can now set the agenda? Instead we have the Democratic leadership baying for yet another scalp as they falsely claim that Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions committed perjury during his hearings for attorney general.

Terrorists insult Islam

Considering that one of the goals of jihadist terrorists around the world is to insult Islam by portraying Allah as a cruel, vindictive and bloodthirsty ogre, it would be more appropriate to refer to such terrorists as Satanic blasphemers. It seems that all decent people would agree that the barbaric cruelty foisted on our world by these terrorists is an insult to Islam and does nothing to glorify God.

Democrats losing members

I guess Sen. Bernie Sanders' visits to the Kremlin have converted him to more than socialism. Indeed, it seems he may now be teetering into communism territory. It's clear after hearing his latest rant against the principles of the First Amendment that the "alt-left" is where his politics lie.

All faithful condemn hatred

As a Muslim I condemn the cruel recent vandalism on a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia ("Outpouring of community help for vandalized Jewish cemetery," Web, Feb. 28). Ahmadi Muslims, of which I am one, are guided by the khalifa of Islam, Hazart Mirza Masoor Ahmad. He reminds us how the Prophet Muhammad was against all forms of anti-Semitism and how he treated both Jews and Christians with love and respect. It with this guidance that a group of Muslims went to the cemetery and helped our Jewish brothers with repairing some headstones in Philadelphia.

U.S. citizenship an honor

Tsotne Bakuria's story of his arduous path to U.S. citizenship is vivid proof of bureaucracy's ability to make life difficult ("Changing channels in Georgia," Web, Dec 29, 2015). I, too, am an immigrant, albeit one who arrived prior to Sept. 11, 2001.

Up defense, spend for security

North Korea threatens America with intercontinental ballistic missiles, the mobile KN-08 and KN-14, which are probably nuclear-armed and capable of striking the U.S. mainland. According to the Defense Department, after North Korea's illegal January nuclear test, Pyongyang may also have tested hydrogen bomb components.

Iceland hardly struggling

"As other countries eye exit, Iceland debates joining EU" (Web, Feb. 23) wrongly depicts Iceland as an unstable country with a weak economy that wants to join the EU to "bring a measure of normality back" to its people.

Serving the people less appealing

I fear for the future of America. The level of hate rhetoric and fake news has become a tremendous threat to the stability of our nation. Our cherished rights of freedom of the press and freedom of speech have been compromised. Our ability to attract qualified Americans to serve the public is in jeopardy. We have become a nation unable to separate the trivia from the essential. Lost from history was the intent of our Founding Founders to encourage Americans to take positions in the federal government for perhaps one term and then return to their farms and their businesses.

Oscars snafu shows up Hollywood

I have to admit that I never watch the Academy Awards; they're just not my thing. I'm sure a lot of folks tune in to watch the Hollywood elites pat each other on the back, give each other awards and rant on about how each is more compassionate than the next about something. They want us to listen to them about important issues, from "climate change" (they all fly to the ceremony on private jets, by the way), to gun control (many make their money in extremely violent, gun-ridden films), to immigration (they all live in gated communities with private armed security). Not my kind of entertainment.

McMaster not fit for security role

The president's new national security adviser, Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, does not believe that radical Islam is the root cause of Islamic terrorism. Because of this I urge President Trump to discharge his latest selection to the position and replace him with former ambassador John Bolton.

Illegals not solely to blame

While it is refreshing to see that President Trump is seeking to take the enforcement of our immigration laws seriously, it should be noted that the just and equitable enforcement of those laws requires the recognition of an important fact. Many of those who have furtively entered our nation have been encouraged to do so by the sporadic or lax enforcement of our immigration laws by previous administrations.

Enforcing laws not racist

In President Bill Clinton's 1995 State of the Union address he said all Americans were disturbed by the number of illegal immigrants in the country. He noted the burdens that illegals put on taxpayers and vowed to crack down aggressively. Mr. Clinton received a standing ovation for his remarks. There were few protests, if any. The media, Hollywood and Democrats were not outraged. Meryl Streep did not say the brown shirts were coming. Madonna didn't threaten to burn the White House down. The Washington Post and other reporters did not write articles every day calling Mr. Clinton a racist or saying that he wanted to break up families.

Keep promises of repeal

We were well-informed in 2009 of the disastrous impact Obamacare would have on the American public. Now, with the Republicans in control of the House, Senate and White House (and a more positive influence in the Supreme Court), we have a chance to fix this situation.

What about Clintons' anti-Semitism?

There is a certain hypocrisy in Rep. Jerry Nadler and other Democrats calling upon President Trump to condemn anti-Semitism. Many of these same people failed to condemn the Rev. Jesse Jackson for his infamous remarks about Jews in 1984, as well as comments that have been made by other Democrats. These of course include Hillary Clinton, who was seen and heard screaming an anti-Semitic epithet at her husband's campaign manager following Bill Clinton's 1974 lost congressional-seat bid in Arkansas.

Climate change, not tax, real burden

Thank you for reporting on the carbon dividends plan released by Republican elder statesmen and the Climate Leadership Council. According to the article, "Republican leaders on Capitol Hill and their anti-tax allies are moving quickly to crush conservative proposals for a carbon tax before they even have time to breathe" ("Republicans move to block conservative proposals for carbon tax," Web, Feb. 19).

Media trying to toss Trump

The media in South Africa did the same thing to President F.W. DeKlerk that the U.S. media is doing to Donald Trump today. It was done to remove Mr. DeKlerk from power and establish the communist Nelson Mandela. Under Mr. DeKlerk, a world-renowned capitalist, the people were prosperous and happy. Under Mr. Mandela they suffered in dire poverty and despair.

Professor should apologize

A college student who recorded a professor making anti-Trump comments allegedly violated a policy that "prohibits the recording of someone on district property without that person's knowledge or consent" ("Caleb O'Neil, Orange Coast College student, suspended for recording professor's anti-Trump rant," Web, Feb. 15). What is the college's policy on a professor teaching hatred and vitriol about the president of the United States to students whose parents probably pay an enormous amount for their offspring to learn something of value, not to hear disparaging words about the leader of the free world?

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