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Health care bill on life support

The Republican health-care bill, the American Health Care Act, faces opposition from not only the Democrats, but from the Republicans themselves. The interparty division can be seen on both ends of the spectrum, from the moderates to the ultra-conservative members of the party. The Republican leadership insists it has the support needed to get the bill to the president's desk even without a single vote from the Democrats. That road appears to have been harder than anticipated, as the hearings in the House burned the midnight oil to escape the various committees responsible for vetting the bill. It won't get any easier once the bill hits the Senate floor, either.

Planned Parenthood in it for cash

Many thanks to Kelly Riddell for her excellent Commentary piece, "Why Planned Parenthood must be defunded" (Web, March 9). Ms. Riddell points out that Planned Parenthood is an abortion organization that gets 86 percent of its non-government revenue from abortions. In fact, President Trump offered to continue the group's federal funding if it stopped doing abortions. It refused.

Not so paranoid after all

The latest WikiLeaks dump tells us that the CIA, everyone's favorite assemblage of spooks, can commandeer our televisions and smartphones in order to spy on us — and if discovered make the culprit appear to be not the CIA but an obese 14-year-old transgender individual in Eastern Europe ("WikiLeaks outs CIA for turning smartphones, TVs into spy cameras and audio bugs," Web, March 7).

Will GOP go the way of Democrats?

In the past few months, the party in power was thrown out and the GOP gained control of all branches of the federal government. Since the election, the Democrats, now the minority party, have been doing little more than calling the president a liar.

Arizona park open, safe to all

I wish to correct outdated information that Ian Smith included in his March 7 opinion piece "When illegals overrun U.S. national parks." Since September 2014, the public has been able to visit any area and trail in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and be as safe there as anywhere in America, thanks to the good work and cooperation between the National Park Service and the U.S. Border Patrol.

Race a matter of fact

Your editorial, "Wishing on a star" (Web, March 8), updates the pariah status of the woman formerly known as Rachel Dolezal, a biologically white individual whose notorious claim to an African-American identity has found acceptance nowhere. She has changed her name to Nkechi Diallo and become unemployed, but she nonetheless clings to her chosen self-identity and has a book forthcoming. "Imitation of Life" would be a suitable title, but that's already the title of a 1959 movie variation on this tragic-mulatto theme, where the black woman passing for white returns to her roots amid the tear-jerking symbolism of her black mother's funeral.

Women the victims of bathroom push

I am pleased that President Trump is addressing the bathroom law ("Trump's order gives a boost to bathroom bills in 12 states," Web, Feb. 23). There are stalls in men's restrooms for men who want to be women. A women's restroom is the only public private area where no man should ever be allowed.

Obamacare replacement falls short

The GOP has finally announced its Obamacare alternative ("House Republicans release details of plan to replace Obamacare," Web, March 6). Unfortunately it both seems like a watered-down version of Obamacare and fails to offer valid health-care reform.

Aliyev family power-hungry

S. Rob Sobhani's March 6 piece, "The 'kind lady' of Azerbaijan" (Web), which praises Azerbaijani first lady Mehriban Aliyeva's recent appointment as the country's vice president, was troubling, to say the least. Sobhani calls President Ilham Aliyev's decision to promote his wife — an Azerbaijani parliamentarian who, according to WikiLeaks documents, chooses not to attend Parliament's sessions — a "historic leap forward" which must be applauded and supported by the United States.

Trump train sure to derail

President Trump's accusation that Barack Obama had his Trump Tower phones tapped would be hilarious if it were not so tragic ("Trump seeks Congress' help on wiretap claim; FBI disputes it," Web, March 5). It comes straight out of the Trump playbook, which directs that when one is under attack, he or she should seek to change the subject, to divert attention by making some outlandish and preposterous charge with nothing to back it up.

'Green' schemes up food cost

All the so-called 'clean energy' scams are not so clean. In fact, most do far more harm than good. The global biofuel disaster has killed millions of innocent people worldwide and is eroding away our topsoil while increasing water and air pollution and raising the cost of fertilizer, farmland and food all over the world. Windmills and solar schemes are worthless. They lack energy density and reliability. You cannot replace a three course meal (fossil fuels) with a single potato chip (wind, solar and biofuels). It is mathematically impossible and destructive to try.

TSA move opens floodgates

As I understand it, the Transportation Security Administration's new airport pat-down methods amount, essentially, to full-on groping. Well, I have some questions and concerns. First, will female TSA agents be required to grope transgender women, such as Catilyn Jenner and Chelsea Manning? And, more to my concern, as a heterosexual male I should like the ability to request that a female TSA agent do any groping of my person should it come to that. Will I be allowed that courtesy?

Why media hates Trump

Many politicians have been disliked throughout the years, but I don't know of any politician more hated than President Donald Trump. Why is Mr. Trump detested by the global elite, mainstream media and liberals? It's because the globalists want a one-world government, a one-world economy and a one-world religion. Unfortunately for them, but great for America, along came Donald Trump.

Zinn no historian

Suzanne Fields' piece, "The pivot in the Age of Anger," (Web, March 1), touches upon one of the key elements of the culture wars: American history textbooks and who writes them. Why would any school district want the views of Howard Zinn in its textbooks? Why, indeed. It would be interesting to know where the 2 million copies of Mr. Zinn's textbook have been sold and the corresponding affect on local governance. It is well known in the industry that the largest school districts can dictate the content of curricula (i.e., California, New York). I took a course from Mr. Zinn. The fact that millions of students have learned the history of our country from him is chilling.

Left must accept defeat, move on

The public has rejected Democratic candidates and policies at the last three elections, giving the Republicans control of the House, the Senate, the White house and so many state houses. What more is needed to convince these nervous Republican congressional members that having won control, they can now set the agenda? Instead we have the Democratic leadership baying for yet another scalp as they falsely claim that Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions committed perjury during his hearings for attorney general.

Terrorists insult Islam

Considering that one of the goals of jihadist terrorists around the world is to insult Islam by portraying Allah as a cruel, vindictive and bloodthirsty ogre, it would be more appropriate to refer to such terrorists as Satanic blasphemers. It seems that all decent people would agree that the barbaric cruelty foisted on our world by these terrorists is an insult to Islam and does nothing to glorify God.

Democrats losing members

I guess Sen. Bernie Sanders' visits to the Kremlin have converted him to more than socialism. Indeed, it seems he may now be teetering into communism territory. It's clear after hearing his latest rant against the principles of the First Amendment that the "alt-left" is where his politics lie.

All faithful condemn hatred

As a Muslim I condemn the cruel recent vandalism on a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia ("Outpouring of community help for vandalized Jewish cemetery," Web, Feb. 28). Ahmadi Muslims, of which I am one, are guided by the khalifa of Islam, Hazart Mirza Masoor Ahmad. He reminds us how the Prophet Muhammad was against all forms of anti-Semitism and how he treated both Jews and Christians with love and respect. It with this guidance that a group of Muslims went to the cemetery and helped our Jewish brothers with repairing some headstones in Philadelphia.

U.S. citizenship an honor

Tsotne Bakuria's story of his arduous path to U.S. citizenship is vivid proof of bureaucracy's ability to make life difficult ("Changing channels in Georgia," Web, Dec 29, 2015). I, too, am an immigrant, albeit one who arrived prior to Sept. 11, 2001.

Up defense, spend for security

North Korea threatens America with intercontinental ballistic missiles, the mobile KN-08 and KN-14, which are probably nuclear-armed and capable of striking the U.S. mainland. According to the Defense Department, after North Korea's illegal January nuclear test, Pyongyang may also have tested hydrogen bomb components.

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