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Improve high-speed rail

With the recent controversy over United Airlines violently pulling a seated passenger off a flight, it is good to reflect on air travel in general. Passengers are expected to arrive at the terminal two hours before their scheduled flights, then endure security lines, which entail removing shoes and being patted down.

Spicer Hitler comments unacceptable

Press Secretary Sean Spicer's recent comments during Passover regarding Adolf Hitler, Syrian leader Bashar Assad and poison gas were totally insensitive and inexcusable ("Sean Spicer: I 'let the president down' with Hitler-Assad comments," Web, April 12).

Muslim leaders must seek change

If the recent attempt by Islamists to kill Coptic Pope Tawadros II does not finally open the eyes of the world to the fact that Islam is not a religion but an ideology seeking total domination, then we are blind ("Suicide bombers kill 44 at Palm Sunday services in Egypt," Web, April 9).

Maximizing losses

As a macroeconomics student, I agree with Richard Berman ("Minimum wage resistance," Web, March 6). The basic idea behind the minimum-wage hike is good, but there are disadvantages that come with such a law.

Illegals' crime rate 100 percent

This week Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed 94 U.S. attorneys to enforce human-smuggling laws, as well as identity-theft-related and Social-Security-related fraud. (The chief actuary of the Social Security Administration has said that some 75 percent of working illegal aliens use false Social Security numbers).

Trump like all the rest

Donald Trump promised us prosperity and security, but now has us on the brink of war with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claims that the United States is ready to use its military to punish any massacre of civilians anywhere in the world. The U.S. military recently killed more than 200 civilians in a bombing raid on Iraq March 17, which is approximately twice the number of people killed by the April 4 Syrian airstrike. President Trump suspects the attack in Syria was chemical, but it may have been a toxic gas cloud created by the destruction of a chemical-weapons manufacturing facility controlled by rebel forces. There is no hard proof that Syrian leader Bashar Assad is responsible for using chemical weapons.

Seek charges against Syria, Russia

The Russians are very advanced in their ability to wage war in nuclear, biological and chemical environments. The Syrian air force likely possesses similar capabilities, possibly in older, Soviet versions. Substantial decontamination facilities are probably present near the chemical-weapons storage areas, as well as the flight line.

Question presidents' words

This year is the 100-year anniversary of U.S. entry into World War I. We must never forget this war. As war ravaged Europe, President Woodrow Wilson publicly adopted neutrality -- while secretly supplying Great Britain with weapons. Wilson knew the Lusitania was hauling weapons to Great Britain and using civilians as cover. The Germans were aware, too, that the United States was secretly arming the Allies, and thus targeted U.S. ships, leading to America's involvement in the war.

Foreign aid pays dividends

Throughout his campaign Donald Trump said the United States spends too much money helping other countries, and he vowed to change that. Budget director Mick Mulvaney reiterated that stance in a St. Patrick's Day presser. But how much do we really spend on foreign aid?

Quarrel on your own time

Our government is engaged in a messy bout of sandbox politics. Just like the petty fighting we used to do in the sandbox when we were little, politics these days is turning into partisan child's play. Democrats disagree with Republicans just because they're Republicans and vice versa.

Jordan can now breathe easier

Last week President Trump met with Jordanian King Abdullah at the White House. After years of being snubbed by the previous presidential administration, it's about time the king and his wife received respect they and the kingdom deserve.

Time for GOP to stand ground

The Democrats have proven by deed that they are not interested in representing the American people, nor are they interested in bringing us together. They are continuing President Obama's game plan to divide and conquer. As long as they can create chaos and obstruct our new president in any way they can, they are doing their best to kill democracy as we know it. From electing a new Supreme Court justice, to sanctuary cities and blaming President Trump for colluding with Russia, they lie and obstruct with impunity.

Real reason peace efforts failed

"Trump welcomes King Abdullah II of Jordan to White House; Middle East peace tops agenda" (Web, April 5) states that the 2002 Arab peace initiative "collapsed over the proposed border, which took back territory Israel captured in the 1967 war." Actually, it failed primarily for two reasons.

Current rules hurt only GOP

The GOP should take advantage of Sen. Chuck Schumer's promise to filibuster the Gorsuch Supreme Court nomination ("Girding Republican Loins for the War," Web, March 30). They should go beyond the Schumer invitation to create another filibuster exception for Supreme Court picks. Already going "nuclear" to do just this, why not go nuclear on the filibuster rule altogether? Left in place, the existing filibuster rule will surely be employed by the partisan Democrats to defeat the upcoming legislation to rebuild defense, reorder budget priorities and make government more efficient.

Declare Brotherhood terrorists

The Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1928 in Egypt with the goal of creating a global Islamic state, or caliphate, and implementing Shariah law. Their bylaws state that jihad is their way and martyrdom is the means of Allah's will. The Brotherhood has a long history of supporting Islamic supremacist attacks and has been declared a terrorist organization in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many other countries, and it should be declared a terror organization in America.

Cigarette tax unconstitutional

It is painfully understood by California smokers that they are public outcasts, held up to hatred and ridicule by liberal non-smokers ("Cigarette tax hike takes effect in California, costs surge by $2 per pack, Web, April 1). Indeed, arrogant celebrity Rob Reiner arranged for a voter initiative taxing smokers 50 cents per pack. This increased the cigarette tax to 87 cents, which will fund Mr. Reiner's personal project to protect children from smoking and fund smoking-related health initiatives.

Silent victors

While assisting a new arrival to Washington this past week I was asked for directions to Trump International Hotel. The woman who made this request explained with embarrassment, "My husband said for me to stay there and check it out." After I had greeted her request with a sympathetic response she looked up at me and said: "You know I couldn't tell any of my friends. People are so weird these days."

Left's Gorsuch treatment abhorrent

Few things are more frustrating than discovering that you are not negotiating in good faith. For that reason alone the Trump administration is completely justified in its frustration, if not anger, toward Senate Democrats. Judge Gorsuch is about as strong a Supreme Court pick as has come along in quite some time. He's a man of impeccable character and thoughtful jurisprudence, and he has demonstrated a healthy respect for the laws of the United States. He is exactly the kind of Supreme Court justice that President Trump promised the American people he would nominate.

Not 'enlightened' enough

So Sen. Chuck Schumer, New York Democrat, wants to filibuster Neil Gorsuch out of being nominated to the Supreme Court. It's a good thing Mr. Gorsuch isn't Jesus, or Mr. Schumer would probably have the cross and nails out by now. He wants someone more mainstream and abortion-friendly — like Ruth Bader Ginsburg (or Karl Marx). Mr. Gorsuch's main problem when it gets right down to it is that he simply isn't Mao enough, lacks the proper insight into the leftist agenda and doesn't goose-step to the apparatchik ideology. In other words, he simply isn't one of the "enlightened ones," and is thus seen as a renegade and loose cannon. In short Mr. Gorsuch just doesn't get it. He is therefore deemed bad for America.

Key illegals stats missing

"Rape at Maryland high school stirs up debate on sanctuary cities" (Web, March 22) cites statistics from a "study" applying enigmatic references to different statistical populations, and it misses key information. Using the 2015 Census Bureau number for the U.S. population (318,881,992) and the Justice Department number for the prison population (6,741,400), one gets a total of 2.11 percent of the total population as incarcerated that year. From the article's "5.6 percent" reference one derives that 377,518 illegals are incarcerated. According to Voice of America News in December 2015 there were an estimated 11 million illegals in the United States at that time. That would mean 3.43 percent of them were incarcerated.

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