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Trump can undo Obama destruction

As America is threatened in many parts of the world and increasingly at risk, President Donald Trump's and Congress' priorities this summer must include rebuilding our military and restoring respect from our friends and fear in our enemies.

What about boy power, Nancy?

Having spent my boyhood in San Francisco and San Rafael and camped and backpacked in much of the Sierras (before it became fashionable), I have to say that I love the area — at least the place it was when I was growing up. Today, however, things seem to be different.

Drop 'objective' charade

When President Trump complained repeatedly that the media was biased and reported fake news, it sent repercussions throughout the press. Of course, not all news is fake news, as Mr. Trumps says, but there is extreme bias within the mainstream press, which distorts accurate reporting and sometimes leads to lies.

Taiwan still tops freedom lists

Before we blame governments or any other third parties for social-media-account shutdowns, it is worth noting that social-media companies make decisions to remove content or disable accounts based on their own policies. The various causes for suspension may include violations of laws or community standards, abusive content, harassment or other misconduct.

'Indirect costs' hardly luxuries

In his June 19 op-ed on federal research spending ("The high overhead of scientific research"), House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith lays out reasonable premises but reaches faulty conclusions driven by questionable assertions. It's important to get this right because the health of the nation's research enterprise is at stake.

The left, not Trump, in bed with Russia

The Democratic National Committee computer system was easily hacked by the Russians. The personal email of the chairman of the Clinton presidential campaign was even more easily stolen by the Russians. The Obama administration apparently knew as early as last summer that the Russians were up to great mischief in trying to interfere in our presidential election -- but it was paralyzed into inaction.

Saudi Arabia moving in right direction

Saudi Arabia's King Salman recently issued a royal decree, changing the name of the Saudi Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution to the more concise Public Prosecution. He also relieved Prince Mohammed bin Nayef of his role as minister of the interior and overseer of criminal investigations. Public prosecution now reports directly to King Salman, which will have a huge impact on Saudi Arabia's legal system.

Why no one trusts mainstream news

Last Wednesday I heard multiple radio commercials from the AARP hysterically attacking the Senate's health-care bill and urging West Virginia voters to call Sen. Shelley Moore Capito and pressure her to oppose the bill. This morning, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was still on the floor of the Senate making his very first public statements about the bill, many mainstream-media outlets were publicizing a poll in which large numbers of Americans oppose the bill.

Now they want to read

I find it laughable that the Democratic congressional members are claiming no one has had time to read or study the 1,000-page, Republican-sponsored Obamacare modification. Yet I seem to remember that in 2010, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Congress to pass President Obama's 2,000-page health-care act so that Congress and all of America could "find out what's in it "

No one-party rule in Taiwan

Numerous social media accounts in Taiwan have been suspended for the 'crime' of criticizing Taiwan's government. The Taiwanese news media tend to self-regulate in order to avoid rejection of license renewal, and they hesitate to report protests or other anti-government-related events.

Terrorists come in all shapes, shades

The recent shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice in Alexandria attests to the terrifying reality that no one, not even our highest elected officials, is safe from the disturbing nationwide increase in violent acts. Particularly troubling is that the shooter, James Hodgkinson, appears to have made a calculated attempt to inculcate fear with his fierce opposition to President Trump and the GOP.

Flying? You're 'of interest'

Big Brother is coming to an airport near you. Big government wants domestic airports to use biometrics to register all travelers when they enter or leave our country. And big business is ready.

Vote for values

I once had an assignment with the United Nations in which I worked in Egypt with officers from the Soviet Union and other nations. This was during the Cold War years, with Leonid Brezhnev in power. As a young U.S. Navy lieutenant, the job was exciting in certain ways. I learned different things through the relationships I made, but some things stayed with me for life. One has been that people, no matter where they're from, all have the same basic needs. All have the need for sustenance, family and shelter. All seek to be content. All feel emotions, both good and bad. All desire to live life to best of their ability. The representatives from the Soviet Union, along with the other nations, were people with the same basic needs as us Americans.

Pelosi needs reality check

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has once again demonstrated an unbridled level of buffoonery. Her recent proclamation that the hateful and violent incidents we see today can be traced back to the 1990s during the Clinton administration and the attacks by conservatives and Republicans on Bill and Hillary is simply ludicrous and unfounded ("Pelosi: 'Outrageous' for Republicans to blame Democrats for heated rhetoric," Web, June 15).

Immigrants infuse U.S. with life

Is America still the last, best hope for mankind? That status could have slipped some on our watch (see Iraq, deficit spending). And we have been a bit stupid (see Citizens United, concealed carry, extended ammo clips). Well, our nation was founded on money and violence (see slavery, native genocide). But remember also the Civil War, women's suffrage, civil rights and gay rights, and remember America's extraordinary labor-saving and

Justice for Otto Warmbier

I can only hope that retribution for the egregious death of Otto Warmbier is swift and sure. This horrible tragedy resulted from no more than a college prank, leading to the death of a vibrant, loving and intelligent young man. I can only imagine the suffering endured by his family, and was brought to tears by their description of the peace that had come over his face, even when he was in a coma, as he realized that at last he was home.

Return to private-sector insurance

Obamacare, Ryancare, McConnellcare, etc., are all disasters for the quality and expense of medical care in America. The solution is returning 80 percent of Americans to private-sector insurance in a nationwide marketplace. As insurance companies compete for customers, we will see the choices multiply. Federal mandates will be eliminated and the states will be encouraged to eliminate mandates as well.

Congress wasting taxpayer money

As sad as it was, last week's deliberate shooting of members of the GOP probably surprised few people. The Republican Party in particular decries the failings of one federal agency and its employees after another. Yet almost every day the GOP and Democrats alike throw at each other the politics of immature obstruction, insults and finger-pointing. Either party passing a bill but not getting it to the president's desk is not success, it is legislative failure.

More laws not the answer

Once again, according to the political left, gun control is the answer. Violent, angry people will calm down and hug their teddy bears if we just instituted more gun control. If we get just the right gun law, criminals will stop using firearms to rob others or settle gang scores.

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