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Putin had more to gain with Hillary

Why would have Russian President Vladimir Putin have wanted to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election? I contend that if Hillary Clinton had won, Mr. Obama's failed policies would have been continued just as though Mr. Obama had had a third term.

Trump's Truman moment

In 1948, when President Truman recognized the newly independent state of Israel, he did so in the face of fierce opposition from his advisers. Secretary of State George C. Marshall -- whom the president regarded as "the greatest living American" -- adamantly opposed the decision.

Comey overstepped bounds

Conspiracy theorists, partisan Democrats, political junkies and other masochists are cranking out a firestorm of stories, claims and counterclaims about why, how and when President Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

'Slick Willie' won't go away

If Hillary Clinton's excuse tour is wearing thin, it's because she learned from the best. Another losing Democratic presidential campaign means self-serving leaks from Bill Clinton, this time at his own wife's expense. The former president always manages an I-told-you-so moment to unsuccessful Democratic candidates.

Victim deserves apologies

On June 22, 2016, The Washington Times ran a scathing piece on racist, anti-refugee sentiment in Idaho ("Story of Syrian migrants gang-raping Idaho girl embellished by anti-refugee movement: Authorities," Web). The article was short on facts and made it seem that people were lying and making things up about poor, disenfranchised refugees purely out of hate. Yet the five-year-old girl in question wasn't just "touched." She was raped, pushed, slapped, punched and urinated on. The young boys who did it (ages 9, 10 and 14) laughed and danced around her as she lay there terrified. They even filmed the entire situation. It was only by the grace of God that an off-duty nurse wandered into the laundry room to stop this abuse.

Comey booting overdue

President Trump should be commended for his firing of FBI Director James Comey. It was obvious to anyone paying attention that Mr. Comey had further compromised the FBI during the Obama era by politicizing it with his exoneration of Hillary Clinton. And then when he tried to "set the record straight" just 10 days before the presidential election, he only exacerbated matters.

Health care not just political game

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a total disaster, but when it comes to health care both parties would do well to keep the American working class in mind. From what I have seen in my experience working in human services, those who are legitimately down on their luck and truly need health care do not receive it. Obamacare essentially provides coverage for the healthy. However, this coverage is unaffordable for those most vulnerable, and contributes to the dissolution of American families.

Let losers lament

In the immediate aftermath of the most devastating loss in 240 years of presidential politics (a loss where the inevitable was trounced by the deplorable) Hillary Clinton went for a prolonged sojourn in the woods around her home, the same home where a private email server rested peacefully in her basement for years, gathering dust and state secrets.

Whither goest France?

The presidential election in France highlights the recent shift from a Europe of patriarchal nation states to an open border and a criminally tolerant, matriarchal form of government. This shift to matriarchy gained dominance following one of history's deadliest periods in humankind, one which ended in the slaughter of 50 million Europeans during World War II. Currently matriarchal rule supports open-border immigration, government nanny-state policies and social feminism.

More cleaning to be done

It seems the American people must come to the aid of our country again by helping President Trump clean the "swamp" -- beginning with the Republican Party. Now that it is glaringly clear that the RINOs are the plug holding up progress, House Speaker Paul Ryan needs to be removed and replaced with someone loyal to the people and our president. And in the next election, we must target the obstructionist leeches.

Stop funding tyranny

Political correctness has become a vehicle for violent censorship on colleges campuses ("The Method to PC Madness," Web, April 30.) At first, college students feigned fear to obtain "safe spaces" to prevent being exposed to opposing views. However, of late they have changed tactics. Now they choose to silence those contrary views through violent censorship.

MoneyGram merger on up-and-up

Your recently published editorial, "A Wary Eye on China (Web, May 1) repeats false and baseless allegations about Ant Financial's proposed merger with MoneyGram. Ant Financial is a private, entrepreneurial global technology company dedicated to serving underbanked consumers globally. This transformational combination will grow MoneyGram's business and create jobs in America.

Trump must battle BAT

As a delegate, member of the Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee to Trump for President, and ardent supporter of President Trump, I'm enthused by his bold vision for a simplified, yet pro-growth tax-reform plan. But he must not allow his proposal to become poisoned in Congress by a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT).

No free rides

This country is in pain right now. It appears inevitable that Obamacare will be totally overhauled. It has become obvious that the major sticking point is coverage for preexisting conditions, particularly for the poor.

Trash burning costly, polluting

Rather than provide an article on burning garbage for energy, The Washington Times chose to publish what was essentially a press release from a garbage-incineration company ("The many benefits of 'turning trash to power,'" Web, May 1). The article praises a plant in West Palm Beach, Florida, but does not indicate that organized citizens and small businesses have defeated hundreds of planned incinerators across the country because of the plants' high costs and environmental pollution.

GOP disunity only hurts U.S.

If there's anything you can learn from Democrats, it's how to promote solidarity and unify on an issue — even if said issue is only good for them, and wrong for our constitutional republic. The Democratic Party stands together. On the other hand, the GOP now has the White House and Congress, yet unity behind the man who thoroughly demolished his opposition and brought them all to the point of ascendency is nowhere to be seen. The Republican Party obviously lacks the unifying 'gene' in their political DNA.

Not all change for better

Thinking about the changes I've seen in my lifetime, a significant factor has been the growth of the U.S. population from 117 million in 1926 to more than 320 million in recent years. As I travel the roadways in my area, at almost any time of the day traffic is bumper-to-bumper. I suspect the same condition exists in metropolitan areas throughout the nation. It is evident that we don't need more people. Thus amnesty for illegal aliens would seem to be counterproductive.

Rescind gang-member protections

Last year I watched candidate Donald Trump campaign to be our next president — and all the while, domestic gang memberships grew (as did gangs' violence and harm). I hoped Mr. Trump would be different from prior presidents and administrations that have utterly failed us on the issue of violent gangs.

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