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Florida train derailment leaks ethanol as responders fight fire threat

Emergency responders rushed to spray foam at the scene of a 15-car train derailment at the Port of Tampa in Florida on Thursday morning to keep the freight of ethanol from exploding and igniting into a massive fire.

The ethanol was leaking from three of the CSX freight cars, officials said, CBS reported. The train was heading out of the Port of Tampa, when 15 cars derailed.

Tampa Fire Rescue Capt. Lonnie Bonniefield said that special equipment to restore the cars to their upright position was en route from Atlanta, CBS reported. But it could be another day before the mission could be accomplished, he said.

The port remained open for ships, but access roads to the area were closed — and workers couldn’t get to their jobs, CBS said.

The report did not specify what caused the derailment.

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