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Weekly changes in Facebook stock prices

On its first day of trading, Facebook Inc.’s stock closed barely above its public offering price. It gained 23 cents, or 0.6 percent, to close at $38.23. Since then, the stock price has fallen each week _ until last week. Facebook finished this week up 10 percent, the second straight week of increase.

Here’s are the closing prices each week since the first day of trading on May 18:

_ May 25: Closed at $31.91, down 17 percent for the week.

_ June 1: Closed at $27.72, down 13 percent for the week.

_ June 8: Closed at $27.10, down 2 percent for the week.

_ June 15: Closed at $30.01, up 11 percent for the week.

_ June 22: Closed at $33.05, up 10 percent for the week.

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