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Accused police impersonator arrested after pulling over cop


Anthony Kenneth Mastrogiovanni

A Crofton man accused of impersonating a police officer picked the wrong victim to pull over: a real officer from Capitol Heights who was driving his personal vehicle.

Anthony Kenneth Mastrogiovanni, posing as a military police officer from Louisiana, stopped an officer from the Capitol Heights Police Department on southbound Route 301 in Upper Marlboro at about 4 p.m. Wednesday and asked if the officer knew he was speeding, Prince George’s County police said.

The Capitol Heights officer told Mr. Mastrogiovanni he had no jurisdiction and that his emergency equipment was illegal. Mr. Mastrogiovanni fled but was pursued and arrested by Prince George’s County police.

Mr. Mastrogiovanni, 29, of the 900 block of Eastham Court, was charged with impersonating a police officer and was released on his own recognizance.

Police asked anyone who thinks they might have had a similar experience with Mr. Mastrogiovanni to contact them.

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