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D.C. health department picks medical marijuana dispensaries


**FILE** In 1998, voters in the District approved the Medical Use of Marijuana Initiative. (The Washington Times)

The D.C. Department of Health on Tuesday notified four applicants to the city’s burgeoning medical marijuana program they are eligible to open a dispensary at their desired locations, one of the final steps necessary to begin the District’s long-awaited effort to aid the sick and dying.

The successful firms had applied to dole out the drug at four separate addresses in the District. They join six firms announced in March who are eligible to grow the drug at cultivation centers.

A six-member panel had scored application from firms hoping to join the District’s medical marijuana effort, which voters approved by referendum in 1998 before years of congressional interference and detailed rulemaking delayed its implementation.

On Monday, health officials approved Herbal Alternatives near Dupont Circle, the Metropolitan Wellness Center Corporation near Eastern Market, Takoma Wellness Center, Inc., in Takoma, and VentureForth, LLC (doing business as CenterCity Care) on North Capitol Street in Truxton Circle.

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