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Olympics 2012: Checking in on the D.C., Maryland and Virginia athletes


associated press Francena McCorory of Hampton, Va., missed out on a medal Sunday, as she finished seventh in the 400 meters.

Checking in on athletes from the District, Maryland and Virginia in the London Olympics


Francena McCorory (Hampton, Va.) finished seventh in the 400 meters final, running a 50.33 to miss out on the medals. McCorory had run a 50.19 in her semifinal heat Saturday, the sixth-best time overall in that round.


Matthew Centrowitz (Arnold, Md.) qualified for Tuesday’s 1,500 meters final with a time of 3:34.90 in Sunday’s semifinal heat.

T’erea Brown (Hampton, Va.) ran a personal best 54.72 in the 400-meter hurdles heats, the seventh-best time among all runners heading into Monday’s semifinals.

Farrah Hall (Annapolis) finished 20th overall after 10 races in RS-X (windsurfing), missing out on qualification for Tuesday’s medal race

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