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Democrats gamble on midterm elections with more state funds

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Mr. Sestak “voted for the Wall Street bailout, the auto bailout, the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, so it is not surprising that he has another opportunity to vote for a bailout and he says, ‘Sign me up,’ ” she said.

Party leaders continued to trade political barbs Monday.

Mrs. Pelosi criticized Republicans who had opposed the state aid while pushing to preserve expiring tax cuts for Americans in the top income brackets. The cuts were approved under President George W. Bush.

“With jaw-dropping indifference to America’s teachers and police officers, the GOP is calling for an extension of the deficit-busting Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest few and saddling Americans with nearly $700 billion in debt over a paid-for bill that creates 310,000 jobs for hard-working Americans,” the California Democrat said in a press release.

Mr. Boehner’s office characterized the bill as a payoff to union bosses and liberal special interests.

“This spending was a direct order from Washington unions to Democratic leaders, and people will remember that Democratic members listened to union bosses and their liberal leadership rather than their constituents, who want to stop the spending and end the bailouts,” said Michael Steel, Mr. Boehner’s spokesman.

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