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First Down

He Said What?

“The guys believe in him and the things he does. For being almost 100 years old, he’s kept it fresh.” — Eagles coach Andy Reid on 67-year-old defensive coordinator Jim Johnson

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Donovan McNabb

It’s not delivery, it’s Donovan … making another NFC title game appearance.

Tony Dungy

Perhaps he is the first retiree who REALLY wants to spend time with his family.

Jim Rice

As he said, his numbers haven’t changed. It’s about time.

Rickey Henderson

Feared leadoff hitter, most runs scored, most stolen bases, no-brainer.

Tracy McGrady

Rockets have won three straight. Take your time, and get healthy.


What if there was a spot in the Hall of Fame for the best coordinators in the game? Here’s a look at a few possible inductees:

1. Jim Johnson; Mix and match players, stir and add blitzes. The result is a dominant defense year in, year out in Philadelphia.

2. Monte Kiffin; Do you think Jon Gruden won’t miss this guy after he left to join his son at Tennessee?

3. Norv Turner; Not as much success running the show (now with San Diego), but Turner was the offensive mastermind of the Cowboys’ 1990s dynasty.

4. Al Saunders; Kansas City had the NFL’s top ranked offense for four straight seasons (2002 to 2005).

5. Dick LeBeau; Not only are his defenses dominant, he also was the architect of the zone blitz.

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