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PICKET: (VIDEO) Chris Matthews faces his critics at WHCD

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The White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night brought out not only media celebrities but also their critics. The D.C. Chapter of Free Republic gathered outside of the Washington Hilton and heckled (H/T Marooned in Marin blog) attendees who walked past them or drove by. The group is known to do this every year for the past 13 WHCD’s. 

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, a favorite target of the conservative activists, approached the group and had an interesting discussion with the protesters. He even talked with one activist who referenced Matthew’s now infamous 2008 remark about having a “thrill going up” his leg for then candidate Barack Obama.

Other individuals who were heckled included:former Clinton administration aid Lanny Davis, Obama White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, California Governor Jerry Brown, and ABC’s Ann Compton.  Congressman Allen West, Florida Republican, and Congressman Tim Scott, South Carolina Republican, both received a warm receptions from the group.

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